Tehran is scheduled to be host of the first International Power Generation and Turbo Machinery Exhibition and Conference, also known as IPGTEC 2018. The event will be held in Tehran International Fairground from March 2 to 5. IPGTEC is a platform in which power industry meets the flow of information on modern power generation and achieved technological advancement. It also provides an opportunity for scientific society to discuss the newest findings and promising ideas on eco-friendly approaches of power generation as well as potential challenges. For the ones who are involved in energy industries, this event is a good chance to discuss solutions for advancing future of energy in Iran and the region.
The participants of this conference are more than 100 Iranian as well as foreign companies. Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan, Belgium, Taiwan and China will participate in the event to showcase their latest products and services related to turbo systems, generators and rotating machinery. It helps the businessmen to access a wealth on technological advancements on power and turbomachinery industries to drive new business and partnerships with power industry’s leaders. It’s a networking tool that enables exhibitors and delegates to search and arrange meetings either in advance or during the exhibition. Trade professionals and leaders of power industry as well as companies are the ones whom the visitors will network with at IPGTEC 2018.
There will be also several workshops on the latest trends and challenges of this industry in the region. IPGTEC workshop sessions are about Asset management in power industry, Condition monitoring and value added maintenance, Gas turbine life assessment and extension, Root cause analysis in power industry and turbomachines, OEM & non-OEM related insurance liability and risk management in power industry, etc.
Due Iran’s power generation sector is moving towards one of the world’s most modern power industries and it is one of the largest power sectors in the Middle East, with a rapid forecasted annual growth rate, attending such conference will help to grow the industry and undoubtedly these kind of specialized exhibitions are known as the most effective platform for enhanced collaboration.

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