Testimony is one of the important evidence in substantiation of claims. However, in some cases, it faces different challenges due to the lack of credibility of people who appears in court, and they do not have the status of witnesses according to Iran’s Civil Code.

To preserve the credibility of the testimony of witnesses, the head of the judiciary issued a circular to protect them and to validate the testimony of witnesses in the judiciary. This circular is also released to prevent the deviation of investigations and trials by false witnesses and perjury.

According to the new circular, the parties to the case have to take the following measures:

  1. The judiciary shall arrange the possibility of registering the details of the witness’s information in the judicial system (SAMP).
  2. The judges of the courts and tribunals shall ascertainment of witnesses in the mentioned system and check their background.
  3. In case of discovery perjury and collusion during the investigation, the necessary actions should be taken immediately, to prosecute the perpetrators.
  4. The respective judicial sectors should take appropriate measures to identify and introduce persons who are professionally present around the judicial units and, in return, for obtaining property or privileges, to make false evidence in judicial authorities.
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