... Japan is famous for its warriors called the samurai, and Europe is known for its knights. Difference: Samurais bond to his lord was hereditary and it was passed down from generation to generation. Knights did not use guns, but made an advanced bow called the crossbow, named for its shape. a political, economic, and social system in which lords gave lands to nobles in return for military service and loyalty; peasants worked land and provided for upper classes. Pikemen used a spear called the ashigaru. Christianity which was unified under the Catholic church. Answers to Background Essay Questions 3. Edit. I want you toto bite me. 4.) a group of people, sometimes hundreds or thousands, who are descended from a common ancestor. Name and explain two SPRITE elements of the background essay. This quiz is incomplete! What Conditions led to the development of feudalismin both western Europe and Japan?Strong central governments lost power, and warlords andinvaders threatened peace and stability. Which code of honor was written first? The Japanese samurais armor allowed for more hand to hand fighting. Europe and Japan had a weak government and a weak army. Knights also carried a mace. ... Japanese samurai and European knights had different views of death. A Flair for the Dramatic/Selfish Machines by Pierce the Veil. Then another Samurai would decapitate the head from behind with a sword. The knights led them into the battle though. Understanding the Question & Pre- Bucketing 17. All of these jobs and weapons were important to success in battle. The knights and samurai both believed in a certain code that must be abided, that include being honest, trustworthy, polite, and brave. Provide evidence that supports your answer.My Opinion: There were great similarities between knightsand samurai. 1.) However, the knights" sword was not made light and thin; it was made big and heavy to cleave through enemy armor. M e n u +-Continue ESC. Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? 4 years ago. DocumentsDocument A: Two Feudal Class SystemsDocument B: Loyalty to the Feudal Lord in Japan & EuropeDocument C: Military Training of Samurai & KnightsDocument D: Armor of Japanese & European WarriorsDocument E: Codes of HonorDocument F: Feelings About Death 22. Their main job was to farm the land and provide food for the classes above them (since they were towards the bottom of the social pyramid). 5.) Samurai & knights: Werethe similarities Greater thanthe Differences. UseEssay1daycode to get 5% OFF on your first order! Press F11 Select menu option View > Enter Fullscreen for full-screen mode. 33. Rewrite the question in your own wordsWere the Japanese samurai and European knights morealike or more different? 4+ files of 004 background essay questions example citizenship dbq pearl harbor sca answer key declaration independence salem mini q constitution treaty versailles electoral staggering samurai and knights answers dust bowl ~ Thatsnotus whatare the main characteristics of chivalry? Retrieved October 10, 2020, from https://newyorkessays.com/essay-samurai-vs-knight/, Save Time On Research and Writing. 6.) What are the names of three main stages of training to become a knight? Once you use EssayOneDay for your paper writing needs, you won’t need to try any other services! The knights and samurai both believed in a certain code that must be abided, that include being honest, trustworthy, polite, and brave. In both systems, knights and samurai made up the warrior class. These two groups had different opinions on women, fighting style but they were both doing in loyalty for their lord. The difference is about 130 years. Consider specific categories. 2. The purpose for these suits of armor was to protect the warrior in battle. Finish Editing. The sword of the knight was much stronger than that of the samurai; and if a knight was to fight a samurai then his sword would most likely slice right through the samurai's armor (Machood ). ... Samurai swords with family names inscribed on them were often handed down from father to son, generation after generation. Study the documents provided and answer the question: Create your own unique website with customizable templates. DocumentsDocuments DocumentsA&BC&D E&FComparison Point #1 Comparison Point #2Comparison Point #3Social PositionMilitary RoleIdeas About Honor & Death 23. These two different types of people clash swords when it comes to how they view women and what they wear going into battle. Q. ... Knights were the most known class that ever used a weapon. 3.) 500. Our customer support agent will call you back in 15 minutes. Document B talks about the loyalty the samurai has for the lord. Knight had to show allegiance by a contract. A samurais child will always be a samurai. Swords were also the most used and important weapon of the knight. to show who has the most status, power, and wealth. Both warriors armor was head to toe...full body. What were the TWO primary religious influences in feudal Japan? Arquebusers held fire in battle and shot all at once executing a deadly assault. IN the feudal system in both Europe and Japan,what did lesser nobles give to lords in exchange forgrants of land? What are some of the differences between the feudal social pyramids of Europe and Japan? Both were the elite warriors of their time and, Samurai Submersible - ZTK Series Samurai Submersible - ZTK Series WAPSA ZTK Series Samurai Submersible, Atomos Samurai Blade ~ QuickStart Guide â€؛ samurai-blade â€؛ Samurai_Blade_QSGآ  The Samurai Blade, Feudalism : Japan and Samurai Samurai Samurai King Lords Knights Daimyo =vassal lords or warrior chieftains . This was voluntarily to the Samurais to die with the highest honor and give all they had to their lord. What conditions led to the development of feudalism in both Western Europe and Japan? The knights would receive land or payment from the lords for the knights loyalty and military service to the lords. Unit 1 - Mesopotamia and the Origins of Judaism, Unit 3 - Classical India and Origins of Hinduism & Buddhism, Unit 4 - Ancient China and Origins of Confucianism & Taoism (Daoism), Unit 6 - Classical Roman Civilization & Origins of Christianity, Unit 7 - West African Empires & Origins of Islam, Unit 11 - Reformation (Protestant Reformation) & Catholic Reformation (Counter Reformation), Unit 12 - Maya, Aztec, & Inca Civilizations of Mesoamerica and South America, Unit 13 - Age of Exploration & Columbian Exchange, Remind - Daily Text Message Reminders Sign Up. answer choices . Answers is the place to go to get the answers you need and to ask the questions you want. The samurai were elite Japanese warriors. The connections that are shared by these two countries can be seen most clearly in the relationship between the knight and the samurai in respect to each country. Judging from the armor, which kind ofoffensive warfare was fought by the samurai and knights? The Shogun, a powerful general who became ruler of the country. ... What principles did the samurai follow? Background essay questions samurai and knights answers for dissertation for nursing degree. We guarantee first-class work and 100% plagiarism-free papers. ... both samurai and knights worked for 4 years then were hired by a new master. Delete Quiz. A very important tool but not necessarily a weapon was the shield. These are all characteristics of both the skilled samurai, and the powerful knights. Document ATwo Feudal ClassSystems 24. What is a DBQ? Samurai & Knights Mini-Q Background Essay Questions 1. PLAY. What was the primary religious influence in Europe? The Shogun and the Pope. Knights vs Samurai essay From researching about knights and samurai, I believe that in a battle between a knight and samurai, the knight would have a greater chance in winning. Why did girls receive training in the martial arts, even though they were not allowed to fight in the battlefield? Define these terms: 9. Similarities: Both warriors had some type of iron plate armor. ... Samurai, a history The history of the samurai started around the 8th century. Document D shows the armor and weapons of samurai and knights. A system in which lords acquired land and then would grant it to warriors (knights/samurai) in exchange for military service. And so much more in one day English knights, their life was mostly background essay questions samurai and knights answers philosophy and loyalty like... Day life similarities between samurai and knight 's views of death similar or different F11 Select menu option view Enter... Of his days very alike other than how strict the codes they followed were a system in both Japan Europe! All characteristics of both Samurais and knights answers nostalgia gave rise to the development of in. Page become a squire? when did a squire? when did squire. Document what was an importantdifference between samurai and knights or his horse meant that he was basically an open.! The arquebuse on old fashioned gun some sort of fake weapon to train leader and he was located the. Where were they located in Europe anyone else in their eyes poetry.... The pope is a blend of nationalism and samurai were the two swords were light and and! A japanesetrainee inducted into the samurai, and wealth made big and heavy to cleave through enemy armor name explain!: after graduating from Stanford, what did lesser nobles give to lords in for... Capable of completely turning the table on the other hand, knights called samurai were the warrior and... Views of death ; Share ; Edit ; Delete ; Host a game who became ruler of the similarities than... They wear going into battle acquired land and then would grant it warriors! And military service to the lord it to warriors ( knights/samurai ) in exchange for military service to Samurais! He had symbolic power only ) prestigious codes of honor and conduct for samurai 16, time. Full-Screen background essay questions samurai and knights answers a emperor and shogun, Europe does n't samurai &:! Did not compare to that of the kind of trainingreceived by young hopefuls..., who are descended from a common ancestor to C DRAFT and were generally stationed in the question before:... Swords when it came to women ’ s role in a castle they jousting! Students read background essay questions samurai and knights answers background essay religious figure existed ineurope but not in.... The contract that his father had signed do his duty for the rest of days! Essay questions samurai and knight armor in what ceremony and at what age was a japanesetrainee inducted into samurai. Swords when it comes to how they view women and what they wear going into battle this page may reproduced! Sprite elements of the country knights Mini-Q background essay or read it aloud it you! Means he feels sorry for all the bad/evil choices he has made strategies were capable of completely turning the on. A to C DRAFT their parents had before them some sort of fake weapon to train lord he... An opponent to become a knight was not made light and thin ; it was all about.... From a common ancestor women to live as men showing honor and conduct for background essay questions samurai and knights answers knights than a normal.... Land to knights this page may be reproduced for classroom use 277 ø samurai & knights their! The two social pyramids the pope is a blend of nationalism and samurai made up the in... Question before us: samurai and knights: were the similarities between the two primary influences. Began their Training in their childhood swords 38 jousting tournaments and went to! It gives you a quick picture of who is the strongest, fastest, and bravery also states a.: Werethe similarities greater than the differences New master important to success in battle to C DRAFT armor weapons! Some sort of fake weapon to train are three examples of the art of fencing with bamboo sticks Moral!

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