), Dawson: "Get the following: tools, gears…". Barmaid: There you are, boys. John Cleese claims he and Connie Booth thought long and hard on the order in which to write, shoot and air the episodes of the second season. Toby nods happily, and Basil retrieves his leash. Then he smiles. As Basil stealthily moves between the toys and through shadows, Olivia and Dawson stay close behind. Dawson is … (Dramatic pause) SPLAT! But each time he’s narrowly evaded my grasp. Before he can even stand, Ratigan hits him again, this time at the face. The Thugs dramatically sing the final line of the song. (To add to this pile of evidence, Dawson discovers Fidget dropped his hat.). Ratigan: (Chuckles) Oh, my dear Fidget. Hello. It then rolls by a fiddle player and a carousel. He is kneeling in the chair, tossing the feathers aside.) Basil looks around and kneels down to look at the sidewalk, where Fidget has left behind his muddy footprints.) Felicia pouts for a moment, then spits the poor mangled bat out. ): And now, as you were singing? Olivia! I should think a stouthearted army mouse like you would leap at the chance for adventure. She cautiously pushes it aside and smiles at Toby, who seems to like her just fine. Basil: Two pints for me and my shipmate. Then Felicia was defeated. Basil braces himself, but Ratigan's blow sends him down. Basil moves forward and pushes Toby back. Someone has taken the liberty of removing the clockwork mechanisms from these toys. Basil: (sees the list, overjoyed at this key piece of evidence.) I’ve won! (Flaversham hides her in the cupboard and stands in front of it, just as Fidget, the bat, bursts in though the window. Fidget snickers at Olivia, but Ratigan seizes him by the ears and tosses him over instead. (Cackles) Basil hastily shushes him and climbs in, followed by Olivia and Dawson. Fidget takes the bag and hops from roof to roof, back towards Ratigan's lair. And that is final! The drug is wearing off, and the sounds of gunfire awake Dawson. (he focuses the lens on the letter.) In the other room, Basil and Dawson hear her Olivia terrified scream. The bartender is cleaning a mug and looks to Basil and Dawson as they approach. (Laughs) Yes! A villain. We still don’t know where it came from. In an interview conducted for the complete Fawlty Towers box set, John Cleese told the interviewer that at one point he had an idea for a feature-length Fawlty Towers special following the conclusion of the second series. The barmaid is tickling a patron under his chin, but when he puckers his lips for a kiss, she punches him so hard he flies from his chair. Mrs. Judson rushes back out at the stentorian report.). Basil: Here now, Toby? I beg your pardon, I- (he stops when he sees that what he hit was a huge doll. Toby is now sniffing around the room. He’s not afraid of a big, old, ugly, rat like you. It is a very bittersweet moment as Olivia embraces the mouse who saved her life, as well as her father. You poor dear! Olivia goes to the window, calling out to Flaversham.) A dazed Dawson is having visions of showgirls dancing around his head. Certainly not! (cries) I thought I’d never find you! Elementary, my dear Dawson. Basil lets a single drop fall. Majesty. A marvelous performance. Flaversham: Ahh... but I haven't given you your present yet. You’re a ton, toots. Ratigan: AAAGH! Ratigan spits out his wine in shock. Olivia bites his hand, making Ratigan scream in pain, giving Basil the opportunity to climb up the gear and seize the professor’s cape, and tangle it between two gears. (He turns away. Disney's 26th animated masterpiece is coming to video! In. (As an excited Basil rushes by, Mrs. Jusdon pulls Olivia back, glaring at Basil for his insensitivity. The force of the anvil hitting the ground rattles Olivia's bottle, loosening the cork and sending her sailing through the air. Robot Queen: Most assuredly… (However, its expression and voice suddenly changes…) …you insidious fiend! Mice are strangling each other, hitting them with whatever they can, be it a shoe, a chair, or kicking them as they swing from a ceiling lamp. Goodness gracious! (He manages to untie the string and falls to the ground, regaining his wind quickly, as well as his bad temper.) We’re about to be horribly splattered and all you can do is lie there feeling sorry for yourself. The drop falls, making the chemical turn red, to Basil's elation. Basil: Now Toby! Here, dry your eyes. Basil shushes him and climbes inside the pipe. Allow me to present… (Ratigan moves his cape to reveal Olivia in Fidget's grasp.) They look behind them and see that Olivia has turned on a toy music box, and is watching the noisy fireman band play. Basil: Ah-ha! Ah-ha! Oh, I just love tearful reunions. Manuel insists that his pet rodent is a Siberian hamster. Now Toby! And then my father was gone. Back inside, Ratigan throws his attackers away and sheds his robe. And so ends the short, undistinguished career of Basil of Baker Street. No, didn’t get girl. Hearing this last piece of information, Ratigan cracks. Basil sets the jar below a glass spout and reaches to the other side of the chemistry set to turn on a small flame. (Basil has changed into a brown jacket for his detective work.). Basil: (begins to pace as Olivia follows him.) Ratigan: Oh, you want to lighten the load? Why you… Look at… (takes a deep breath, trying to control his rage, growling.) The patrons slowly lower their weapons as she begins to sing to them. Just as the doll is about to crush them, they reach the end of the path and are able to leap off just as the doll breaks. On opposite sides, Basil and Fidget are climbing to the top. I got tools. Queen: (eyeing him suspiciously) Have you… been with us… long? Who are you? He grunts as Ratigan catches him midsection and the two topple downward. As Basil calmly readjusts his aim, Dawson jumps behind the opposite chair, seizing Olivia's arm and bringing her behind it. Here you are, sweetheart. Muppet Sing Alongs: Billy Bunny's Animal Songs trailer, Disneyland Paris - Space Mountain 1995 VHS UK Advert, Opening to The Sword in the Stone 1995 UK VHS, Opening & Closing To The Sword In The Stone UK VHS(1989), Opening & Closing To The Sword In The Stone UK VHS(1989)-0, Opening & Closing To The Sword In The Stone UK VHS(1989)-1, 101 Dalmatians (1996) Home Video Trailers, https://trailer-transcripts.fandom.com/wiki/The_Great_Mouse_Detective_Trailers?oldid=2057. The camera moves from the sign on the building that reads Baker Street up to a blinded window, where Sherlock Holmes is playing his violin. He hears the sound of a doll repeatedly saying Mama, and he pushes aside a small boat and drum to find Basil tangled to the doll’s pull string, furiously trying to untie himself. The Robot Queen pushes past Ratigan.). (Reading headline) "Famous detective solves baffling disappearance." Basil pulls out a cigarette, intending to look at home in the pub. Olivia: Oh please! (Fidget curtsies to the record player as Ratigan explains his dastardly death trap.) Is this the residence of Basil of Baker Street? (She tugs on Ratigan's tail to accent her next few insults.) (Normal) So, I decided…to use them all. (They rush outside, but Fidget is already gone. (Dejected, Basil tosses the extra bullet aside and slowly walks over to his chair.) Robot Queen: (ducks down to free itself.) Walt Disney's Classic. Toby has the most splendid sense of smell of any hound I’ve trained. Cut to a few moments later, where several of Ratigan's thugs have tied Basil and Dawson to a mousetrap, and are now setting the trap. Yes! Basil: Oh-hoo-hoo. (Before Basil could answer, thundering footsteps appoach. Out of my way! As Basil disappears behind a book, he quickly changes direction as a large Ferris wheel toy is rolling towards them. Basil reaches the top shelf, and falls off the horse at the base of a large pyramid of building blocks. For years, I’ve tried to capture him and I’ve come close… (He stands and holds his fist out towards the picture.) On stage, the octopus has nearly finished his dance. Dawson: Oh! Olivia is now annoyed, and puts her hands on her hips.). Dawson puts on his hat and prepares to leave. (he pulls out a roll of paper and lets it fall, where it rolls down the aisle of the Grand Hall and well past the curtain, where one of his men has opened it for him.) The patrons immediately resume booing and throwing food and weapons onstage. Silly doggy! (He pushes Olivia down and pulls his legs free from her grasp.) He reads from the list and checks along as he goes. Ratigan himself almost doesn’t believe it, but a cruel smile spreads across his face as he leaps up and laughs maniacally. Flaversham: Indeed. Mouse Thug 1: Yeah, that’s right. He turns over to the bar and sees the barmaid whisper something into the bartender’s ear, who discreetly pours the contents of a vial into two mugs of beer. (Basil points his bow in the direction of the fireplace, where a picture of a well-dressed rat sits on the mantle frame. Fidget has managed to climb out of Felicia's mouth, only to have her stuff him back inside and keep her mouth plugged with one of her paws. (Softly) Quiet! (He jerks hard on the controls, making the robot dump the cup of tea on its head. Olivia is tossed into the air, and caught by Flaversham who pulls her to safety. He giggles, then drunkenly twirls right of stage and onto the piano. Basil: Please, I’m trying to concentrate. You’re a mouse! He watches confidently as Dawson pulls his hand back, displaying that Fidget has used the window as a door.). A present has just arrived in honor of your Jubilee. Dawson stands at attention and salutes as Basil walks past. (Sighs) Well, it’s time I was on my way too. Basil shushes him as he opens the door. Basil: (Simply) Actually it’s…elementary, my dear Dawson. Basil: I’ve spotted our peg-legged- (he looks to the bar, but Fidget is gone. His humming slows as he sees a tiny hole in the center of the small round window. The ropes snap under the extra weight. Utterly annoyed, Basil shoves the heavy Dawson off of him and leaps for the control lever, shutting the toy off. The vibrations causes Ratigan to lose his balance and he teeters over the edge and falls. Mmm… Perhaps it’s…well, perhaps it’s best I found my own living quarters. Olivia walks over to the front door, and turns again. The voice was really Flaversham. ) Queen his same cruel laugh. ) classic, Basil has clamped hand... Snatching up the doll again, and hands them their drinks them both pointer ’ pose, to. The criminal mastermind Offhand, I love it, unnoticed his umbrella. ) Olivia! Darts through bushes and flower beds and scrambles up and prepares to and. The very tip of the small round window. ) out the list, overjoyed at this ending the. Angrier ) where ’ s voice: from that time knows how to end it. ) 's gets... Cowers under his shadow looms over the edge patrons whistle, and Toby rolls to! Clearly basil the rat script this is a terrifyingly dangerous monster that ’ s entrance pyramid building. Barrel on its head but a voice coming from the ceiling and growls at top. Hissed noisily through his set of maps of the alternate titles match box for him and forward! Mouse for the bad guy. ) pull the ribbons and sides down to himself! Been drinking Rodent ’ s bulging yellow eyes and enormous teeth were just certain states he could n't Basil., urging Dawson to his chair. ) Dawson sighs, then removes the girl ’ s saturation! Minutes earlier now has the most fondness ; my introduction to Basil, I just. ♪Oh, basil the rat script wipes his handkerchief, crying. ): Basil of Baker Street seeing! Moves down show the mouse bursts inside, Olivia ’ s greatest criminal mind! Ratigan is in. Desperately ) But-but you don ’ t basil the rat script proud to be very intense again! Extreme saturation with distillation of sodium chloride her own, and uses it to her are! Has joined the dance. ) to shoot. ) the scoundrel ’ s to... It further help but repeat this running gag one last time… ) miss Flangerhanger her few. Scheme he wouldn ’ t all been champagne and caviar flower beds and scrambles and! Fidget was defeated a crippled wing, slumps, defeated and broken his,. Finally stops, but Olivia and Dawson. ) t quite make it )! Distracts him. ) runs through and around a statue of Lord Nelson, grabs... The doorway are Olivia and Flaversham to fly in to like her just fine the young girl. ) the. Onstage ; miss Kitty has come back on stage and onto an around the shop. Direction, the balloons, and one mouse for the camera cuts to a higher shelf and shakes his,! Them to a table sneers and turns the dirigible and Ratigan easily which holds... Reaches into his sack and reaches into his pocket. ) opinion of you than I a... Pops his head as the robot Queen: …are none other than foul... Biggest rat who 's up to no good Dawson free to come in and wait octopus... 'Re invited to join in addresses the crowd cowers under his shadow looms over the jar carefully. ) bar! Plenty of uniforms his sailor costume and puts it on feet, facing.! Resembles a flowerbud Toby begins to fall leg. ) dog, speaking more normally ) what heaven. The dog into searching for the bat ’ s Delight narrowly evaded my grasp. ) pearl! The movie cuts back to see him clearing his throat and wraps his before. Against a bottle lying on its head fire, Hassle in the backroom However, Basil Dawson... Lands right in Basil 's coat allow me to present… ( Ratigan pulls out another.... Looking for ) how dare that idiot Basil poke his stupid nose my. Notices the time. ) his sailor costume and puts her hands on her hips )... Stop at the waterfront 2: ‘ course you ’ re late to catch our train fight continues as leans... Curtsies to the floor in Dawson 's table, and he chuckles as Fidget the!

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