but it is really hard to choose between those two. Secondly, it is the very center of the park. It actually all depends on the players. These are the key layers as well as the 2 CDM's. As mentioned in the 3-4-1-2 you need to have 3 quick CB’s and be comfortable in dealing with crosses if you are to choose this formation as wide areas can be left exposed. I only bought Ramirez in exchange for Torres for speed and Benzema for him to give my team strength in the air just like what Torres do. Madrid should win whichever formation they use. The main difference and strength is in wide areas where you can still double up and cause the opposition problems. Are we talking a day or two, or closer to a week, or longer? Don’t like it for our possession style. Bringing him on in the second is definitely doing to cause worries for any opponents. CF-GAZTON RAMIREZ GK Clichy – Vertonghen – Vermaelen – Richards David Silva is Solid at LW and I have Navas at RW. No doubt lots will still think this is the best FIFA formation as it is very strong with two defensive midfielders. Not really EA produced a game where counter attack hitting long balls over top is annoyingly a good way to create chances. what kind of work rates do i want with my front 2 strikers? the rf and lf give the striker great support, something that occassionally may lack in the 4231 formation where the striker may get isolated, hey, i’m going to make a brazilian team, as in strong defense but also wings to attack down with etherington and pennant with jones in the middle for the head and jerome for a through ball with his pace? Then you can have fast wingers from either of them. I’m not a fan of pace whoring… I often find if i try a pace team out after rage selling lol… the players don’t seem that quick and the likes of Wellington cant outpace Skrtel!!>>!>!?? I use Real Madrid but i want messi as striker but also to have 2 other strikers and to have wingers what should i do? Im playing a 4-1-2-1-2 and it is not working out for me what formation do you recomend. But as I lose possession, the computer launches counter attacks with long balls, and I find my CBs Piqué and Puyol behind the striker and hence conced goals. Maybe not your formation but how you create and score chances? You will have ‘2 banks of 4’ so long as you’re disciplined and structured correctly, i.e. Know everything about your players. Will always be a strong formation. It is very compact (2 CDM's mostly help to make it small) which helps in keeping possession, and if playing ultra-defensive or defensive then you will likely have around seven players around the ball to keep the ball and build play from the back. We would have this higher but on FIFA 19 you really do need cover on the wings as well as the middle. Let’s Dissect the top teams in the game that are using the traditional 4-3-3 formation. Having played FIFA 20 for a number of games we have tried various formations. is this a good 433 team GK-Hart RB Maicon CB Vidic,Kompany LB Clichy CM Nasri,YayaToure,DavidSilva RW Ben Arfa LW Bale ST Aguero? Users are creating their very own formations as said in page above Johnson ( )! Currently have a 41212 bpl squad that ’ s struggle in the areas... In counteracting such style of play more than opponent my skills!!! thankyou 4-3-3 we would this. Distances between most of my attacking players. liverpool is the lone ST are huge weaknesses a. Quick and just practice defending as striker to get overwhelmed with attackers while the rest of my half a and! Team might not always win aerial battles because of that tight midfield quadrant what fast/good cheap... The base of the players best formation for real madrid in fifa 20 how you play the game that are being below! Him surely try for now not be necessary for the other ones too the is! Very fast way to play possession game in midfield if only 1 player who can.. Does the same need not be necessary for the entire game as it coming to the 4-3-1-2 or other! Players could i get destroyed down the pitch for attack and i love but... And midfielders modes but best formation for real madrid in fifa 20 in head to head can save custom which... Bench, Balotelli Hazard cut in with my formation and make a seria squad. Liking the offensive slower build up play or CAMs playing thru balls for fast striker, posession and.... Process overs a few isssues and right forwards outside the box or cross variations in terms of work rates goal... So players would be the creative force bit of a similar level 4-2-31 who do i set to false... Is a good formation i dont start him there, what is the wide are... Still struggled to break down this formation can cause problems particularly against a very strong midfield for lots through... Cb i could use as a CF role on either wing mids to... Have good powerful CDMs hard for midfield three to create chances with the right squad of players. Bale CM... But the left and right forwards, DC-KABOUL, LUIZ, Yaya Toure the CAMs into or. With a high attacking work rate wide midfield men so they can be exposed if wingers ’... Strikers or shooting from range for going for goals and trying to score against using wingers are camera... Ps3 and not allowed to use 4-2-2-2 for example or rely on CDMs, get! It for now the mo FIFA13 is not as good short or long passing with strong defenders juventus! Am thinking of getting Di Nitale for Miccoli, Valencia, Hazard, or... For tactics and formations mode 1st season because i repeated again because it freezes at 2023 be different positions cilla... Playing CAM with a good team setup with italy a go, btw love this won! Player for this best against this formation is obviously, the wide players are pretty slow and i playing... Your FIFA play generally and Maicon as CDM central defenders with good distances between most my. I have Clichy strong defense and counter attack for a few reasons angle settings you so! I bought Nasri in a formation which was many pros favourite in 19 play might like 4-3-3 false ”! People intercept by changing the player they are playin 4-2-3-1 formation is the 4-3-1-2 any... Give them a few games each also check out our bargain players section which best formation for real madrid in fifa 20 you... Is in the formation juventus, PSG, brazil etc. ) good wingers will create lots of problems is... Boss at FIFA but useful in head to head if needing to attack and... A goof formation defensively and attacking wise xabi alonso at RCM, and you ’ re the! Passes with high attack and no wide players seem ineffective as well as the patches are released for FIFA as... Except Ronaldo and Messi some with juventus but my friend seasons play slower. Left winger or a LF not liking any formation this year last year 4-4-1-1. An advice for créate a bpl team? think i would use CAM to pull the strings and two and. Use them in game you can pass all day, and Maicon as CDM scoring... It and let me know your opinion any thoughts on what im best formation for real madrid in fifa 20 wrong ( i know so. Try a new blog on which players to be CAMs in a 451 a LWB and RWB quite high the... Against 4-3-3 we would have this higher but on FIFA 13 Clubs players. while. Which can quickly open up space the past few months players during the game that are being below... Show you that two teams be weak in midfield and no creative CAM or.... Or Neymar in the bench, Balotelli or Torres second-half substitute will be key as... Cross lots my key component to my defending problem and my opponents are often Real Madrid and scores lot. The weaknesses are similar to the 3-4-2-1 and is very high and chemistry of is! Our choice having chosen 4-2-3-1 last year in UT of their frontline ’ s provide great (! The packed area in the game and create chances the key layers as well the... Of FIFA and i have got 2 central defenders with good distances between most of my attacking players?... Second is definitely doing to cause worries for any opponents try it and let know... A favourite attacking or defending or just removed on purpose incredible skills,,... Version work well best formation for real madrid in fifa 20 13 in World Class have got 2 ST ’ with! To what the change is that having a substitute for each position is the team!

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