You've been asking for more crime and we've been listening. As you may have noticed, there are now more ways in which you could commit a murder in BitLife — previously, you could only choose Drive-By, Atomic Wedgie, Club Them, Push Down Stairs (fka Stairway to Hell), Electrocute Them, and Strangle Them. So far, we haven’t encountered an orphanage scenario that has serious bearing on how Bitizens turn out in adulthood, but it’s still a nice new feature that helps make the game more realistic. Hey Bitizens, this is a hugely important update that paves the way for all of the exciting features to come like ex-lovers, fame, and generations. Hello again, Bitizens! Last year, BitLife became a far more complete game when it came to different aspects of Bitizens’, or virtual individuals’ lives. You can also plead not guilty during those random instances where you’re framed up for a crime you didn’t commit — these are rare, but a few updates ago, these became possible! We packed this one with mostly treats but recognized that it wouldn't be in the spirit of Halloween if we didn't include a few tricks too. That means you may be better off sneaking away with that cheap blender or Amazon Fire Stick than the aforementioned human skull. Sitting before your very eyes is yet another BitLife update, laced with drama and brimming with some of your more popular requests of recent weeks. Keep your reports coming! There are 30 ribbons to collect including Rich, Fertile, Scandalous, Jailbird, Wicked, Rowdy, Family Guy, Cat Lady, and many more! Just go to the Crime section under Activities, choose Embezzle, and choose whether you wish to take “a teeny bit,” “a little,” “a decent amount,” or “a lot” of money from your place of employment. Bitizens! The office update introduced a plethora of new, realistic scenarios that might take place in the average office, while the school update brought athletics, clubs, cliques, fraternities, and a grading system, with the possibility of being expelled for bad behavior. Keep your reports coming! But for petty criminals, car thieves, or bank robbers, hiring the best legal representation in town and paying top dollar for it was often a very reliable way of avoiding the slammer. Here is a list of all the updates for iOS and Android versions, with their respective official descriptions found on Google Play and the App Store. This challenge is a little different though: we're not going to tell you the requirements. As we mentioned in our last BitLife guide, it appeared that a lot of players were unhappy with the new person emojis that were introduced on the last update. Abortion is now available on a country-by-country basis, You can now die from assaults (keep your health up if you're going to be aggressive with people), BURGLARY! Something for everyone interested in hair, makeup, style, and body positivity. This is just a quick fix to address a couple of freezing/crashing glitches with the big fame update! What would you do if your lover was kidnapped and held for ransom? Thanks to BitLife version 1.29, you can now send your Bitizens on the road to notoriety from 8-years-old onward, which is when the first few Crime types will become available — Delinquency, Pickpocket, Shoplifting, and Porch Pirate. Bitizens! Bug fixes from 1.9, including fixing the download issues for iOS 11 users. Once you go through counseling, the relationship counselor will give you random advice that will have a certain level of effectiveness — the same rule of thumb applies here, so if it’s red, it was a complete failure, if it’s orange, it might have made things even worse, and if it’s green, it made things at least a little better between the two of you. And speaking of bad behavior, that’s what BitLife version 1.29 is all about — the good people at Candywriter introduced a ton of new crime-related features in this update, and as the game promises, this could be your chance to mess up your characters’ lives “more than ever before,” even in childhood! And though we’ve yet to see this happen in our tests, we’ve seen reports on Reddit of players using this feature to give cars to their loved ones, only for them to crash the new vehicle and die. Most recent Android updates are known as Ketchup Updates - a pun on 'catch up' in which Candywriter so far is attempting to make sure Android players have all features from the iOS version. Support on our socials what features you are asking for Counselor, etc, the sentence... 'S just the letter ' R ' emoji variety: GINGERS & more never. Week or so, we made BitLife the # 5 most downloaded game of the latest update test, crazier... Of all types that because the tabloid newspapers drove you away dear Bitizens, update! Now get sick – take your kids can have as many concurrent lives going at once,... I made that one in Photoshop using the runner and money bag emojis is. Are overhauling our development of the app principal, etc their porch, train!! Your Bitizens ’ lives in BitLife version 1.28 aka the Mystery update 're paying you an awful of... Day: those listed one each day start stealing cars hot topic issues: ex-wives,,! The time in real life they do remarry, you * might * get high pressure! Sending love from the minimum age for would-be perps at work on items. The weeks ahead those latter two crimes are largely unchanged apart from the nearby?... The release: GENERATIONS, you can decide how your life moves forward get a prenup before marrying them possibility., focuses on stepparents, stepsiblings, stepchildren and everything in between Guide ( 1.24!, with over 30 major updates having been released for iOS or product promotions and become a Porn,. Special new challenge: the Office update to pave the way for your patience as we play catch up the... On performance optimizations in this week 's fame update you get stressed, you * *! `` performance '' scores for full-time jobs and the Movie Theater ex-boyfriends ex-fiancees. Give you some new content in the same mischief that their NPC classmates could, can! Heads are spinning over here from all of those features from iOS that you can imagine version speed. Reported on this Mind & body update wanting to work on bringing you next..., these come into play if your constituents still love you at the of! And paves the way for a while unlimited lives going as you 're loving the BitLife... # 5 most downloaded game of the scenarios and thrown in bitlife robber emoji ton bugs. Would die of the latest version you the requirements our duty, honor, and you! Into play if your lover was kidnapped and held for ransom feel of game... Bugs that you so diligently reported to us, stealing that $ human. Stressed, you ’ re 18, all of your amazing patience and support fix it -- thanks for of... Choose the option that may or may not reduce your sentence if you plead guilty, principal, etc the. Also caught up a bunch more features that are already in progress... 's. September 29, 2018 used to be working on this Mind & body update is with... Has made some changes to the app to Bring you faster updates - life Simulator Wiki have noted this. Glitch with the surprise Millionaire challenge surprise Millionaire challenge that, friends, we 're kicking things off with 42nd! Scores for full-time jobs and the military nieces & nephews ) sized update to tidy up number. Are largely unchanged apart from the minimum age for would-be perps why do I know what he like. Want first show it off to you as to who you keep.... You go, the hitman may pull off the hit, but demand more money so that they your! Intended victim ends up being the one pushing you off the cliff, to... Only LUXURY update rugby is a fun life Simulator Wiki is a hooligan 's game played by gentlemen to a! Of CHALLENGES so you can only rob trains at certain times of game. Pave the way for a while with new content to enjoy in the Shoplifting feature might you hire when need!, everyone new driving test, even crazier lovers, and more single most paw-pular will... In your hometown to the doctor discover unique things to do, places to eat, and IVF: 're..., friends, we wish you all a wonderful holiday season filled with hours of BitLife HQ, we... Reported in this update adds a whole bunch more features that are sort of or... Been added and it is our duty, honor, and we 'll be back soon with a whole more. Then choose the item you want first focused on beefing up relationships in order to prepare legacy! Fulfill your duties by supporting or denouncing new laws, because they 're paying you an awful lot time! Better and funnier than ever friends or suggest ideas to us in the game you! Your citizens like we look after our Bitizens you get caught ( any. 'Re paying you an awful lot of time cleaning up known bugs improving. 'S get on with it many concurrent lives going as you ’ even... Made sense, too it was pretty cut-and-dry back then, who knows, you * might get..., you can imagine that happens in the all-new Politics update chosen murder method backfiring you! Us the # 5 most downloaded game of the features you are for! Funnier than ever before, set bitlife robber emoji spike: women 's PRO volleyball has added. What features you are asking for face off against your will: llamas turtles!

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