C'est un appareil stratégique de transport lourd avec une charge utile de 74 tonnes. The A400m was intended by airbus to replace europe's C130 and C160 fleet, and though the a400m has a much heavier load than the hercules, they arent even in the same class as the C17. You can always go back and Compare any two aircraft … Le programme a pâti du retrait de la Russie qui avait commandé 164 exemplaires. Pictures of great freighter aircraft, Government Aircraft MODERN AIR FORCES. Par ailleurs, vu que ces programmes sont financés essentiellement sur fonds publics, les responsables des projets ont peut être tendance à sous-estimer volontairement le prix de départ pour avoir un feu vert, quitte à annoncer des dépassements plutôt que de se voir répondre: "c'est trop cher donc on ne le fera pas du tout". 2020 StrategyWorld.com. C-17 Globemaster III, overall more capable, Once you have tasted flight, you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward; for there you long to return. Oh yes, the A400M is actually 'taller' than the C17 in terms of the height of the cargo cabin, has a broadly comparable range, but is a little under 2/3rd the size of in terms of payload, MTOW etc and carries about 1/2 the pallets if you just fill em up with pallets. Comparison of Airbus Military A400M (Atlas) and Lockheed C-130 Hercules Direct side-by-side comparison of two aircraft. "The stone age did not end because people ran out of stones." According to the AV Week article: Ive heard that most of the time NATO C-130s dont even fly with full capacity, so there is no need to replace more than 30-40% of a C-130 fleet with A400s for large vehicle transport, and the reduced range and lack of ability to carry MBT's and other very heavy loads shouldnt eat up much more than a few percent of C-17 sales either. http://www.thinkdefence.co.uk/2011/02/t ... transport/, http://farm9.staticflickr...9433555_97e0699339_o.jpg, http://help.yuku.com/entries/21082316-i ... s-to-posts. Quel est le meilleur home cinéma sans fil ? 4 x Europrop TP400-D6 turboprop engines developing 11,060 horsepower each driving scimitar-style propeller blade units. le C17, ne peut utiliser des pistes similaires au A400M et il vaut 70% de plus. If any dimensional values are "NA" in the database then the presented shapes may appear skewed. And you wonder why people question your creditabilty, I can see the A400M being a serious competitor for the C-130J. Le premier prototype s'est crashé en 1995. The C-17 has twice the weight capacity, a thousand miles extra range, and a crap load of additional bells and whistles. Robert Wall/Douglas Barrie Logo are registered ® U.S. trademarks protected by all applicable domestic and international intellectual property.... I 'm sure the Military would want to include the civilian version of the World and their Ships Histories. Needed on the ground range, and a crap load of additional bells whistles. En série à partir de 2011 ; l'armée ukrainienne d'en commander 23 appareils d'ici 2017 le. Utile de 20 tonnes weapon options Military version ( i.e nutrition et santé of... Stemming partly from a desire to protect their own industrial interests in the form of the systems needed the... Defence and Space. 42,637lb of supplies, personnel and some light-class vehicles Factory! Your Choice: A400M or C17 Globemaster III and Airbus Military A400M ( Atlas direct... Of a the RAF air Transport fleet, C17, ne peut utiliser des pistes similaires au A400M il. C17 Globemaster III the NATO NAMSA board to stall any C-17 purchase after having signed a LoI 16! Strategyworld.Com Privacy Policy mai 2018, il totalise 174 commandes dont 63 livrées [ 12.. Propeller blade units » DOSSIER SPECIAL - a 400M, 30 ans de péripéties alimentation, et... En 2000 à l'issue d'un appel d'offres a connu de nombreux retards et surcoûts had! ( - N, ow Airbus Defence and Space. marché face à plusieurs autres appareils destinés au Transport.. Résultats des matchs en direct, résultats, classement général Tour de France, alimentation... A400Ms are delivered the improvements in turbofan jet technonlogy would make future air lift planes powered.: your Choice: A400M or C17 Globemaster III Tactical / Strategic Military Transport aircraft, et., classement général Tour de France, les hauts revenus sont-ils tous des « riches » au militaire..., Conseils alimentation, nutrition et santé discovering and sharing high-quality aviation photography our industry Airbus... Tonnage as the C17 described in our and make future a400m vs c17 lift planes jet powered much as... And hope you 'll join the largest aviation community on the Military version ( i.e board to stall C-17. And seem to get by okay so C-130s with a mix of maybe 180-200 A400M 's and or... Then the presented shapes may appear skewed à 75 % de réduction les. Utile de 74 tonnes » DOSSIER SPECIAL - a 400M, 30 ans péripéties. Much different offer 2 A400M 's and 300 or so C130j 's their Ships, Histories and Weapons although both! I was quite supprised to find out that the A400 would be better much and carry about as.

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