Daly then reminded everyone that for even a young man with a bright future, such as Petrovic, nothing was promised. He missed the entire next season and played just 48 games combined in the subsequent two seasons. Petrovic was as upbeat as possible last night, hoping for the best. At the time of the report, Szalantzy returned to driving and was juggling modeling in the United States with professional basketball in Germany. He was a young man desperate to prove himself. His average dipped to 15.6 points in the playoff loss to Cleveland, but it was a series that saw Petrovic at less than 100%. "The doctors said after six or eight years my brain would get back to as good as it was before, but it's not," she says. His death devastated a great many people, from his family onwards. Petrovic was the missing traveler. But Mozart wouldn't cut it in the NBA. David Stern, the NBA’s Commissioner at the time of Drazen Petrovic’s sudden death, spoke highly of him and how he paved the way for other international players. The Bulls never got to see how much Williams could improve, though. “But this was devastating. Where to vote. The next year, he was diagnosed and hospitalized with ulcerative colitis, a painful colon condition. Yao, the 7'6" celebrity from China, is the latest victim of the career-ending injury troop. The two players would exchange verbal barbs both in-game and through the media, all while taking turns winning Europe's coveted individual awards and playing for the European Cup title (Petrovic's Cibona beat Sabonis' Zalgiris in 1986). Reed fielded several questions; his answers became less and less detailed before finally his voice broke, deciding he could no longer continue. Still, today Dzanan has a lot of friends who played with Drazen in the past. Edebal, a sworn interpreter of English, German and Turkish, has been fired more times than she can remember, "because of my brain.". In the early afternoon Petrovic climbed in to the tiny, red Volkswagen Golf, taking a seat in the passenger side as Szalantzy drove. An opportunity with the Trail Blazers, with whom he had spent his first season, was limited, but he took advantage of his next one with the Nets, and within two years he was, effectively, the NBA's third-best shooting guard. Petrovic, who was selected to the All-NBA third team, averaged 22.3 points on 52% shooting and was one of the league’s top three-point shooters. The team advanced to the June 22 championships in Germany. The brain damage casts a heavy fog. A long-distance relationship afforded them little togetherness. It is all here. Based on information she gathered from police reports, Edebal says Szalantzy was speeding along the Autobahn - a German highway with no set limit - and that other cars were able to avoid the disabled truck because they weren't traveling as fast. He had just finished playing with Croatia in the qualifying tournament for the European championships in Wroclaw, Poland. Late in that season, in a home game against the Bobcats, Livingston poked into a passing lane, grabbed the ball and streaked toward the other end for a layup. Special culture and family feeling. The press conference room was ‘pin drop’ quiet. At the time he was wearing a gold watch on his left arm, which stopped precisely when his life did—the short hand on the five, the long hand on the twenty. Edebal, her condition far more serious, was flown to the Hospital of Eichstatt; Szalantzy to the Ingolstadt clinic. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. "He made it [and] everybody started believing that we can do this.". When Szalantzy saw the truck in front of her, she lost control of the Volkswagen Golf and the car slammed into the guardrail and slid into the truck with high impact. I was in therapy for a very long time. The team retired his jersey in 1993, nine years before his induction into the Hall of Fame. I didn't drive the car and I have to suffer all this," she says. (Petrovic and I) were too, too young. Edebal says Szalantzy endured emotional distress following the crash, including death threats from fans of Petrovic, but also bears some blame for the accident. "Then all of a sudden she disappeared anyway. Drazen Petrovic, who was one of the first European players to star in the NBA, was a legend in his home country of Croatia and quickly captivated U.S. basketball fans with his flashy, entertaining play. He told Miocic where the girls would be sitting, and that perhaps it would be a good idea for Miocic to introduce himself first, and check their legitimacy and their intent. The accident compelled Chuck Daly to resign as coach of the Nets, but his respect for Reed kept him there (if only for one more season). This was a guy that was kept on the bench in Portland, he was not going to get those opportunities with Clyde [Drexler] there, but to come over to New Jersey and averse 20 and almost 45 percent shooting from deep, he was a perfect foil for those guys. Because of an injury-shortened career, Yao missed out on winning the elusive NBA championship and is likely on the outside looking into the Hall of Fame despite career averages of 19 points, 9.2 points and 1.9 blocks on 52 percent shooting. In 2008, Petrovic was honored as one of the 50 Greatest EuroLeague Contributors. Voters must chose among 33 candidates for four seats on the the Los Angeles Community College District’s seven-member board. Bias was selected by the Celtics No. For starters, Walton played more than 67 games in only one season of his 10, and missed at least 15 games in each of his first eight seasons. "It was his body language on the floor. “One of the best ways I can describe him is he is the guy that changed the landscape for European players,” Brian Lewis of the New York Post said. At the crash site remained a young man amidst the damage and the raindrops, the help working desperately to revive him before concluding that their efforts were in vain. Petrovic was characteristically very comfortable with his fans, often accommodating them not only with an autograph but also a photo and a conversation, but even then there was a limitation to his interaction and involvement. Twenty-seven years ago Sunday, Drazen Petrovic was tragically killed in a car accident in Denkendorf, Germany while traveling to Berlin to play for Croatia in a qualification tournament for the 1993 EuroBasket. Let's take a look back at some NBA greats (or potential greats) whose careers were cut short. I said if you were making a shooting tape, you would use him as your illustrator, as it was absolutely perfect.".

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