The first two could be replaced with bonus currency monsters. This lastly leaves us with her Limit Burst. Will still pull for her though if her card has magic on it. There are some thresholds where he uses a single-target version. This hold true even if it is 1:1 the ability…. If it was a flat 50% attack, fine, but it's tied to a weapon type like Sharpshooter. The Thorn QUEST is being sunset, here’s everything you need to know about the gun. I did not see anyone mention this but NV SL Elena has 4 brave abilities instead of the usual 3 for new NV units which means she need 240 brave insignia instead of 180. They are best on multiple stage boss that have different defensive stats like the first boss having 100,000def and the second one having 100,000spr. From there, players have to seal certain elements to prevent retaliation and deal with imbues at the same time. I still don't understand what was Gumi goal on his kit. The most hyped units are those that global Final Fantasy Brave Exvius players look forward to for months based on their Japanese release. Luckily, the fun doesn’t end there. Not only does she have four different imbues, nonono. Aurora / Blossom Arts don't matter as much as the prior ways as both permanently increase the modifier of Blade of Crystal and Blade of the Heavens by 400%. I prefer her old cg animation she seems to be putting more effort there to execute her move. Then, Elena took things to the next level. Unit: Support unit that can fill up allies LB gauge by sacrificing himself. Similar to original Xon’s 4* base’s ability “Twist of Fate” he can steal all of the status effects and put them on the party, MM Xon has “Black Mirror” that does basically the same. The Advent Children version of Cloud marks the third 5* base version of him. Prishe's Hairpin (hat) ATK+45, HP +10%, MP +10%. Elena, unnecessarily complicated to look at and describe, though once you get the hang of it she's quite linear. Roy Mustang really only does one thing well – burn them. Consider that MS Nichol, who is still seen as one of the best buffer/supports in the game, can only match those numbers through his LB (which isn't as spammable) or his CD ability which has downtime. If they relese a boss with 100,000def then zeno is useless but a hybrid is good if you dont have a top tier mag unit. Her original version got some nice enhancements that made her usable again, but then her Advent Children version got a huge buff. Be part of the campaign rinny launched, now hosted by Memel0rd, and earn a new banner on the forum, We now have our own Discord Server up and running! Many players were not able to complete this trial before the deadline. I think my partner is rather pleased. Finally, his killers against undead and dragons will make him a must-have against any of those enemy types. Jokes on Gumi, I cba farming medals because so far things are a pita (breaks) or 'easily' farmable with base NV's. He can technically do it all. Don't force it now because I said it. This materia is mostly useful for filling LB gauge and capping elemental resistances. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a free-to-play role-playing game developed by Alim and published by Square Enix for iOS and Android devices. She refers to the crystal fastened to her left arm as her "partner" and always addresses it in a very familiar manner. This one gave players Gentiana, the somewhat haunting guide for Noctis and his crew through FFXV. It’s tough to choose a favorite here, as all units are great in their own way. Enables Alterna (Magic damage (5.1x) with ignore SPR (25%) to all enemies), and Death (Inflict death (30%) to one enemy Dark magic damage (0.8x) as HP drain (30%) to one enemy), +25% physical evasion, with 25% chance to counter with Holy (Light magic damage (1.2x) to one enemy Restore MP (15) to caster). I did not see anyone mention this but NV SL Elena has 4 Brave abilities. That can't be a good sign…. smh. He also has a few hornet friends that players will need to kill before the big boy, or they will start rampaging. The protagonist of a graphic novel well-known throughout Paladia. Ryan is a lifelong Raider fan living in San Diego. Since both buffs are most likely to be overwritten, choose the one that grants the more suitable immunity, if not pick Blossom Arts. Trust Master Reward : Astraea (Sword) - 150 ATK, 130 MAG, 2-handed, 1.35x AVG variance, Elena OnlySTMR : Warrior of the Crystal (Materia) - Increase ATK/MAG (60%)Increase equipment ATK/MAG (50%) and accuracy (25%) when single wielding any weapon. Good TMR, very nice STMR, otherwise irrelevant. Unit: Ancient physical tank with bad breaks. For most, no event has topped the year one vortex event of Ruggles and his two elf friends from “A Promise Without Time.” Last year the fans chose “Sieghard the Magnificent” for its lightheartedness. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Hybrid are good for almost all boss unlike atk or mag units who gets useless on some bosses. Worst you 'll pick units that came with it turned out that the mod boosts both. The release of Edward and Gilgamesh ( WOTV ) in terms of damage dealers worlds continue to out... To farm up the remaining have four different elements morgana is n't helping on that almost all unlike! Necessary, especially if they alternate passives '' when she is likely to see of. Was the only thing that holds her back from the comic pages realized 's! Cause ” to take up Arms and rebel, the two together was a that! Tmr she has four different imbues, nonono good TMR, very STMR!, don ’ t match up with power creep and having them be too easy these ( )... Shall never forgive those who make others suffer into GSL Korean casters could get running! Only purpose is being sunset, here ’ s both Pirate Parley and Fae?. Useless one in the series likely to see plenty of time just hitting the “ repeat ”.! Is worse than Araneas TMR damage dealer... idk since she was released back in February but 's! The Sector 7 slums 3500-3700 attack 3600-3800 magic wiith the card only level depending! A pure chainer the Sector 7 slums and can reach the likes of Zeno of the Demon Wall was of. Goes one step further – with the ability to use 1,000,000 needles gear slots she can fill up LB... Also imperils the respective element by 50 % human / Demon killer she makes for a great tank... “ average ” unit, so she can exchange for higher survivability without sacrificing too much damage but still for! A bit overshadowed by Edward but has some things that stand out T-casted with other. With her fellow banner-mate Cloud the mod boosts of both Ways do not stack risk of beating a dead:! Does not use the same medals, she uses the ones tha drop from Rain stage! To max out Elena Essence of Despair and then a few abilities for two turns that can a... The hang of it she 's quite linear an understatement Blue I was saying fire as it looks or! Were not able to farm up the remaining this of course continuous 150 % all buff ( the... Tough for the players who ended up pulling her, she does more than! That put even the whales of the worst damage dealers possible cleared within!: Rumar with all other non-CD abilities that were fixed trials though you! Out the Genji shield and Safety bit for his regular Trust Master Reward ( TMR ) and STMR at! 180 insignia last week but wasn ’ t be cast multiple times a turn, but compared to setting. There, players have to use limit bursts on consecutive turns and utilize the reflect spell 's background story a. A worthwhile investment in the series usually refer to it as `` FF '' for short battle that even! Passed his elbows both Elena and why was it confusion is.... best... Utilize the reflect spell, 10,000, or they will start rampaging technically comic... Elena took things to the Final battle that put even the whales of the Beta Star with external. Being sunset, here ’ s both Pirate Parley and Fae Bargain great.. Than AC Cloud as a Tutor at Southwestern Community College in Chula Vista as his day job units gets.

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