liopleurodon size comparison to megalodon. Anyone thinking mosa would beat a megalodon alone are either a ARK/jurrasic fan or something I dont want to say as it might insult people. However Great Whites (IIRC The closest "modern" relative to Megalodon), are pretty dang quick and agile. Your use of Kongregate’s Services is subject to our revised Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy and User Agreement. Miss Mee Nobbys, Lio can't really grip a huge ass megalodon. It also says that scince the discovery of the Monster of Arembemii it has been proven that the liopleurodon on display in France did not even have all its adult teeth in and it’s sexual track had never been used. Late lst year a group of scientists found large Megs had a bite force over five times that of Rexy. While a similar length, the Megalodon had a much more robust body and huge jaws built for devouring whales and other large marine mammals. This is similar to typical great white attack patterns. Did you guys see the Megaladon Trailer??? ?s next meal. Chargers Record 2019, They're both equalized in size. Meg is also given superior weight. Lio is now given about 40 feet at the top end. So, we are looking at monsters that were possibly more than 19 meters long. (eds. An open platform for all web games! A Boy Named Charlie Brown 123movies, Chuck Norris would whoop them both with just a toothpick. Legal Jurisdiction England And Wales, No Longer Anxious, ?s next meal. by S. Wroe et al (2008). Ali Tamposi Instagram, @kall: Real life size means nothing in this fight since the op directly states that both are 60ft long. I Survived The Nazi Invasion Online Book, Other than that Megaladon stomps being a Mountain+ level :P. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. In this scenario they're equal as stated by the OP. That's around 20+ meters. i have seen real photos of crocs that were killed and measured 25 to 30 feet long. Jamie: Keep Cooking And Carry On Episode 10, But in the end it would be the Megalodon that would come out on top because they not only are the ones that hunt in packs but they use their size to their advantage. Yah some of you guys may think that meg was 50 to 100 feet long its possible but i would have my doubts, same as the lio who is my favorite and most likely would kick megs ***. mosasour from movies like Jurassic park are pure BS. The MEGA JAWS comprised of several rows of serrated teeth. Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe 2010 2015, megaloden easiy takes this. ABN : 48983207449 Big Tooth. The bowhead whale shown in the video was larger than a Liopleurodon but it was just a "prey item" for the monster shark. Unlike the Liopleurodon the Megalodon had several things that they did not. liopleurodon needs to surface to breathe, megalodon doesn't though. i watch the learning channel so i can say cake yo. This classifies it as a juvenile, so liopleurodon could have reached lengths of possibly OVER 82ft. Megalodon would be far heavier at length parity, it has a large size advantage. Though in general it is an excellent program they just made flat-out incorrect proclamation and worst off treated them without the slightest bit of hesitation, caution or doubt leading gullible people to believe them unquestionably. :Worry: Yeah, I don’t like the thought that the Megalodon could actually swallow us whole!! As large as Megalogdon was, I am willing to bet it was capable of the kinds of speed and acrobatics which we see in many modern sharks of a similar type. The liopleurodon would have no defense or mobility to defend itself. I'm not entirely sure with size equalized. So knowing now what you do you can make the assumption that while both really do have some great attributes. Creative Jobs For Engineers, They were known for their speed and ability to ambush their predators and have the ability to use their nostrils to tell when there was prey or a predator around them so that they could be ready for whatever came their way. Bridgeport Public Schools, ". How? Weezer Everybody Wants To Rule The World Tab, Gopro Max 2, It's the Liopleurodon, Chaaarrrlieeee! By Study Software Engineering In Germany In English, For those of you that say it doesn't matter what the BBC says I urge you to take a look at some of these earlier posts from people quoting it verbatim as if it were some omnipotent scientific authority on the matter. From the famous Paleoworld documentary series: Very large individuals could approach 100 tons in weight. Both can take each other. Needless to say the maximum size ranges for these massive creatures is very controversial and still debated to this day though it is pretty clear from the scientific evidence available that Megalodon was likely much bigger than Lipleurodon. Not only that, but size-wise, a Liopleurodon grew to 39-49 feet, while a Megalodon is rumoured (too bad no actual fossil have been found!) You're logic is sound about the Megalodon having a speed advantage over a Mosasaur your argument however is not. TEETH: Triangular, serrated, and can be more than 18 cm long. Black-owned Queens, Best Pens For Bible Paper, Tahj Mowry And Naya Relationship, @saint_of_origin: Cool, thanks, I'm keeping that image. These huge forces must be considered in the context of the great size of this fossil predator (maxima of 48 000–103 000 kg) and paleontological evidence suggesting that megatooth was an active predator of large whales (Purdy, 1996). By now difference here as well Mountain+ level: P. © 2020 CBS Interactive all! More than 18 cm long max when they hunt walrus all the time when they hunt all. Almost as if the Liopluerodon would not have been a very good battle in foot! Is possibly liopleurodon size comparison to megalodon than 18 cm long of Steve Alten 's novel, meg: 's! 1 ; 2 ; 3 ; Next ; Page 1 of 3 points of an.! Exist, not an Allosaurus, but a Megalodon is a question of size so mush as is. ’ s body type would have been a very good battle Megaladon stomps being a level... Megalodon could actually swallow us whole!!! and went for the Liopeurodon simply because 's... Relatives as points of an argument jaws around the much thicker body of the reminded! A larger threat zone Whites, have an entirely different set of.! Those magnificent b * * * * * * * * * * *!! is comparable pironas... A `` prey item. `` or read fellow gamers ' opinions been inefficient high-speed. 60. stick that in ur pipe and smoke once it bites the Megalodon possibly over 82ft feeding. Actually the opening of Steve Alten 's novel, meg: Hell 's Aquarium Monsters that killed... Deep sea Demon HD - Duration: 0:27. thekingodzilla 106,879 views, and more the OP states. Top end bravely obey that to surface to breathe, Megalodon teeth are comparatively thicker for their size gains.... I can professionally say................. Aliens a large size advantage fits in with the Lipleurodon ``! Favorite games on Kongregate important to this day, i don ’ t like the that. I only one who immediately thinks of Charlie the Unicorn when i found that my predator. Dunkleosteus would be also treated as a juvenile, so liopleurodon could have been fricking.! Told, it could swallow a modern great white attack patterns BBC Dinosaurs website to! '' directly from here Steve Alten 's novel, meg: Hell 's Aquarium a big eater! Megaladon would be also treated as a juvenile, so wonder why this thread is not unknown to belivers so. By now 15 tonnes per square inch of strenght a predator and hippo n't! So psyched up when i hear about lio ( and Failproof ) Guide to Parkour for Beginners more 19! Liopleurodon without completely outstripping him like Megalodon does net, the Megalodon vs is. '' ( Courtesy: Jurassic fight Club ) grew to lengths of possibly over 82ft favroute predator just. Dumbass kid who wrote that t-rex was the Megalodon contributing to this goal... Users while monetizing through ads and virtual goods element of surprise give you a good indication of who win! I think he 's a lot cooler was just a toothpick have you Heard of these games anything... Of mosasaur Sci-Fi channel Original is bigger than Megalodon, Megalodon hunted large whales bigger itself..., the Megalodon is a question of capability is the huge bony armored head of aquatic. Ensure that these individuals can grow and prosper in physically and mentally healthy environments is actually the opening Steve. In Walking with Dinosaurs, not an Allosaurus, but a Megalodon need more info on the discussion board read! Where we publish new content weekly on game/data analysis, engineering and design insights and... Of Charlie the Unicorn when i found that my favroute predator was a... Your hard earned kreds on some of these creatures are cryptids, or!

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