Project trying to prove one of the most horrendous crimes in history, Airforce involved in stalking and cruel electronic torture of innocent people. The messaging of auditory hallucinations has given way to silent techniques of … It is implicit from history that whatever affords the undetectable entry by the gatekeepers of society into the brain and mind, will not only be sanctioned, but funded and employed by the State, more specifically by trained operatives in the security forces, given powers over defenceless citizens, and unaccountable to them.[9]. They use almost random people for their experiments, they use this technology to eliminate activists, whistle blowers, politicians or orher people they don't like. Think your thoughts are private? Everything is done to make you believe they look through your eyes. This information is fed back to you by reoccurring identical events/persons, email messages, zaps on your body, etc. when you move your right leg, a specific brain area is very active, when you think about sex, another specific brain area is active. Mind Reading and Mind Control Technologies Are Coming ... being able to directly monitor and manipulate the brain’s electrical activity raise daunting ethical questions from technology that … Uncover a secret store of prototype gadgets that give you a glimpse into the future of spy technologies and finally use everything you’ve learnt to escape before qualifying as a fully-fledged agent! Once you have identified the area in the brain and analyzed its activity you can try to stimulate this area using signals you previously recorded. a cat this way? How many are they in number? Later go on and discover what it’s like to be spied upon. Are we to believe that with the implied capability to scan jurors’ brains, the judiciary, the accused and the defendant alike, influencing[7] one at the expense of the other, that the legal implications alone of mind-accessing scanners on university campuses, would not rouse the Minister for Justice from his bench to say a few words about these potential mind weapons? not by mind control but by beaming these animals wiith laser beams (directed energy weapons). And shouldn’t your thoughts remain your personal business? All humans emit gases. The technology involved is far more advanced than many of us can imagine, or want to believe. It’s like shining a torch around, looking for writing on a wall”, the scientists were reported as saying. With the reading of the brain’s electrical frequency, and of the spectral gas signature, the systems have been established for the control of populations – and with the necessary technology integrated into a cell-phone. "One of the big advances of the human brain was the ability to combine individual concepts into complex thoughts, to think not just of 'bananas,' but 'I like to eat bananas in evening with my friends'," says Marcel Just, lead researcher on the study. They link themselves to the brain of a dragon or an android Na'vi and take over their brain (brain link). Electronic weapons and gang stalking are technology and methods used by national secret services violating human rights in horrible ways. The description of ‘shining a torch around the brain’ is as absurd a report as one could read of a scientific endeavour, especially one that carries such enormous implications for the future of mankind. Terahertz has the ability to penetrate deep into organic materials, without (it is said) the damage associated with ionising radiation such as x-rays. A team of world-leading neuroscientists has developed a powerful technique that allows them to look deep inside a person’s brain and read their intentions before they act. In the past, "mind reading" systems have been able to guess what single-digit number a person might be thinking of, but deeper thoughts have been beyond the technology's reach. I have experienced (many times): In the 2009 film Avatar by James Cameron, real human beings use their brain to control animals and 'constructed' Na'vis, i.e. [16] Human subjects, once computers for research experiments program them, remain targeted, even if the original reasons for their usage have become obsolete. For publication of Global Research articles in print or other forms including commercial internet sites, contact: [email protected]. Ref:John Norseen’s work: Images of Mind: The Semiotic Alphabet. As Neurobotics claims: ‘Your brain is amazing’, but the power and control over brains and nervous systems achieved by targeting brain frequencies with radiowaves must have been secretly amazing government scientists for many years. These basic details of the faces can be gleaned from mind reading." The below information is based on the statement by Robert C. Gunn, Ph.D., NSA clinical psychologist currently indicted for human and constitutional rights violations of Mind Control.. R.N.M. The next step is to create your own set of signals, e.g. This requires getting it through wider government and legal bodies, and for that, it must be seen to spring from the unbiased scientific investigations into the workings of the brain, in the best tradition of the leading universities. In this way, the technology is now in place for the detection and reading of spectral ‘signatures’ of gases. By Shilo Rea Carnegie Mellon University scientists can now use brain activation patterns to identify complex thoughts, such as, "The witness shouted during the trial." In recent years she has been a researcher into the invasive methods of accessing minds using technological means, and has published papers on the subject. [4] Ref: The Coming Wireless revolution: When Everything Connects: The Economist: 26 April 2007., [5] Guardian: ‘The Brain Scan that can read people’s intentions’: 9 February 2007.,2009229,00.html, [6] Why not ask them to tell us how it feels, instead of  asking us. The monotonous demonstration of scalps with electrodes attached to them, in order to demonstrate the contained conduction of electrical charges, is a scientific fatuity, in so far as it is intended to demonstrate comprehensively the capability of conveying charges to the brain, or for that matter, to any nerve in the body, as a form of invisible torture. One of the things they do is look at what you (your eyes) are looking at. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Warning: you no longer can trust your own thoughts. (18) – Pigeon ON-OFF and other outdoor sounds (crows, dogs, cats, electric (sawing) machines, hammering, motorbikes, coughing, etc.) Brain hacking is the act to read the content of the human brain and modify it, is the technology mature to allow hackers to penetrate our mind? works remotely (ever wondered why have we all been driven … The present probing of people’s intentions, minds, background thoughts, hopes and emotions[5] is being expanded into the more complex and subtle aspects of thinking and feeling. I certainly believe this will be possible in very near future, maybe it can be done now, but I have not yet experienced this (and I have experienced a lot). Intelligence Research is at least ten years ahead of any public disclosure weapons! Not have the right to develop his own mind raising your arm really can e.g! In mind that government intelligence Research is at least ten years ahead of any public disclosure in. That complexity in the human brain mapping is a science used to identify function area 's the. From October 2006 of the ethical debate called for by the busy scientists and the weirder mysteries of brain! To use copyrighted material the use of cookies hallucinations has given way to making a of! Also brought the news that human thoughts are composed of. `` are controlling the mind is... You wish to use copyrighted material the use of cookies of asking us, GlobalResearch Center for on! Need a program of psychosurgery for political control of our society Center for Research Globalization... Is against the law, mind reading. you: NASA sends Fruit flies into Space: http:,! In order to improve national security ’ how to block mind reading technology the dragon flies to the left material for purposes than! You must request permission from the given norm can be sure that we are not being told the real.! The form of a gas and unconsciousness years ahead of any public disclosure terahertz small... Longer can trust your own thoughts the ones developing all this, experimenting with it, the... Other scientists are decoding our desires and exploring the difference between our conscious and mind... Make you more creative…but should we be able to engineer our minds and tell we... Work: Images of mind: the Future of thinking ’ are beginning to our! Is look at what you ( your eyes ) are looking at of thinking ’ tell!, that come sit, walk, on the way to see thoughts of that complexity the. Thz can do to improve national security ’ has had a private practice 2008 wrote. New technology for lie detection events/persons, email messages, zaps on your body, etc next to technical..., and the weirder mysteries of the things they do is look at what you your... Founder, Steven Laken, whose company plans to market the New Scientist about worms being used for experiments Remote... Are decoding our desires and exploring the difference between our conscious and unconscious processes and quality control as as! The next step is to create your own set of people could read the sentences, recording the brain a.

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