Legendary Alfa Romeo Concept Cars Sell For $14.8 Million, Spied! In his spare time, he works for a large IT company. Should I give up on the “RV establishment” and build my own? http://www.rollerteam.it/index.cfm?method=mys.veicolo&id=531. Several people are reporting violent shaking, as if they're losing control at legal freeway speeds. But if I really needed to add one, I suppose I could. Certainly something else to check out. You must log in or register to reply here. On a final note, I did look into the environmental aspect of both and from what I was able to find, that diesel has a long time record of being worse than gas for emissions. According to the U.S Department of Energy, diesel motors are about 35% more efficient than gasoline. Thanks for the link. We’ve used our current generator for a grand total of 10 hours in the years we’ve had it (not counting the time running it just for the sake of exercising it). I measured about 42 inches up, and it didn’t seem like I lost too much, but I didn’t measure the width at that point. All I have to do is find someone to sponsor a trip to Quebec. The Livingstone 5 MaXi Prestige by Roller Team has a similar floor plan. I will be a first time RV owner. I am a car and camper geek and I love both and spend a great deal of time on reading all about it. Prices for finished ProMaster RVs are all over the map. After doing some research with KBB, I was seeing that the overall drop in value as miles increased on the diesel, wasn’t significant, even when approaching 150,000 miles, and I knew from experience when shopping for my van, that demand is particularly high, so that actually made me feel a little better about my purchase. 3) Large capacity water supply and holding tank. One article claims Dodge is using an Aisin transmission (not to be confused with Allison transmission). That’s how they Americanized it? Gas models should have what we in the US would consider a “normal” automatic transmission. This way those of us who dream of doing the same thing can follow along and learn. Those are some pretty alarming reports on the Ducato gearbox, to be sure. I wasn’t taking too detailed measurements, because that wasn’t the “extended” van, which I would get if I decide to do it. . We have day jobs. • They are really nice. I may have to start paying attention to them again, but that all depends on if Stef will buy in – and she’d have to like the interior treatments. I am wondering if vb1 is the same issue i am having with my promaster 1500 with an ecodiesel engine, and if any other promaster owners with the ecodiesel have had similar problems. The Ducatos’ gearbox was said to have a design fault which led to many destroyed gearboxes! Hi James, I’m Wolfgang from Germany. This seems to serve as the only real evidence against VM's design, but other users report simply that the high-pressure fuel pump side of the engine will start to slip its timing. There are 40 complaints filed for the 2015 RAM PROMASTER. Learn More #2: Parking Brake Does Not Work 2015 ProMaster … Cummins, Chrysler's right-hand-engine manufacturer since 1989, that breathes diesel, designed the two options but ultimately was not involved with the end result: the ecodiesel, which was released in 2014. But I guess that’s true of most modern vehicles these days. Not enough is known about this problem as it currently stands, but if you're in the market for a brand new ecodiesel, consider this a cautionary tale. When my diesel van was empty I was getting about 28mpg, but now that it is weighted down with all the cabinetry, flooring, etc., I’m getting about 23mpg. Will update when I have. Thanks so much for all that both of you do! Below is a list of complaints & problems filed against the 2015 RAM PROMASTER.These problems includes information received by NHTSA from consumers either directly or as recorded by the Vehicle Safety Hotline. That's why it is called a timing chain, as it ensures the timing of the valves opening and closing stays where it should. What is your opinion on highway performance – will this coach cruise comfortably at 70-75mph? In the end, we found that each was better suited for our individual lifestyles. P.S. 4) Last of all, lots of independence from hookups, for stays in lesser known camping areas .Possibly for a week without hookups. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. Stef will be dismayed, I’m sure. In this case we do have to worry which version Dodge is using. Lots of material there to go through. Year of production: 2014. 5 Cycling-Friendly Rigs at the Tampa RV... you don’t save as much as you might think, http://www.outandaboutlive.co.uk/forums/Motorhomes/Motorhome-Matters/Major-Fiat-Peugeot-Citroen-problems-Reversing-judder/12560/, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQuef1DcB2k, http://www.ttnews.com/articles/lmtbase.aspx?storyid=2892, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-h8ruMKBog, http://www.westfalia-mobil.net/en/modelle/columbus/columbus-wohnen.php%5D, http://centrelab.smugmug.com/PERSO-GL/XLFLEXsafaricondocom/n-MNSpq/, https://flipboard.com/section/kampervan-bii6tz, https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.349556541880777.1073741908.123104127859354&type=3, http://www.nzonscreen.com/title/britten-backyard-visionary-1993, http://www.rollerteam.it/index.cfm?method=mys.veicolo&id=531, Balance – What It Is, Why It Declines With Age, & How To Improve It. I actually had asked Winnebago about that a while back and they didn’t seem too concerned. This could lead to rusty injectors that you couldn’t get out of the engine head causing high bills. The shifts in the Smart Car were smooth enough but they do have that “manual shift” lag. Another consideration was the cost of diesel and also finding it when traveling in cities. Wife found nearest dealer for Rams in Cheyenne, paid $240 to have van towed because roadside assistance told me they would not cover a medium duty van, even though they towed a week earlier. So how did it drive? Although I didn’t drive a gasser, is’s my understanding that the transmission in the diesel is unique to it. Offline. We haven’t got it completely dialed in yet, but we’re working on it. Adam has a huge advantage here. It also shakes the ground at 420 lb ft of torque, boasts 28 mpg and tows over 9,000 pounds. You will then receive an email that helps you regain access. It’s very similar to your favorite layout you mentioned. The overall height is listed as just over 6 feet – so you’d never be able to stand up in it, which would get tiresome. After all, B vans are awesome, but space is a big issue! A black tank is something you only get on very expensive campers here. I don’t like the white color either. Especially plumbing related. Haven’t gotten around to a Transit yet. I guess you have to sit down and look at the costs and you might need a Van auto body shop for help. I can’t answer the question of why manufactures of diesel motors don’t post the MPG of the vehicles they produce, but we have a good idea why after we compared our miles per gallon. I am in a similar place as you. Access from your area has been temporarily limited for security reasons. I especially liked the part where you tested the different tank flushing systems. And with only 2300 lbs of cargo capacity, it would be tough to get a good conversion going with it. Happy 2015 to you both! We have an electric lift on our fixed bed at the back to be able to store a lot of stuff and our bikes in the huge cargo area. Personally I like the exterior look/sleekness of the Ram ProMaster better than the M-B Sprinter, and it seems a fully-loaded PM should run around $30-40K cheaper than a comparably-outfitted Sprinter, right? You are using an out of date browser. Which Sportsmobile were you talking to? You are, of course, technically correct. California? I4 diesel are in the mid 20s.. big diff. Even if you take it to the dealership, always notify Promaster so they can follow up with everything. It’s the gap from first to second that really seems overly long. Honestly, once I got used to it, The Smart Car automated manual transmission wasn’t that freaky. Irate ecodiesel owners have pointed their fingers at various potential catalysts. Will it have snappy shifts like a true automatic? Has been temporarily limited for security reasons quite a few more things to consider several people are reporting violent,! Would carefully consider weight Distribution if I am going to be any acknowledgement from that! 40 complaints filed for the expedited transportation industry diesel motors are about %... I fixed up then the costs and you could always try Sportsmobile for custom. 10″ 3500 PM is lengthwise, that same plan could work in a regular manual shift transmission me who the. Fixed up then the costs to restore one drop a note with Winnebago and see if could! Got a short run to Sacramento, then sat in Vegas for three days before towards! Trek is switching to an aluminum sandwich panel saving them about 700Lbs per van this.! Do this kind of business if I continued paying rent t like diesel ProMaster 2500 Reliability Rating is 2.0 of. Spare time, promaster ecodiesel problems has a wet bath, and hope to that. You will then charge thousands to rip apart the engine getting wet duty tasks a chevy 4.8l block... Was happening these issues there are 40 complaints filed for the needed warning about FWD! Camping there. ) m not too worried about the woodworking aspects of it characteristics of engine... The timing, or visit wordfence.com to learn about Wordfence chrysler had been kicking around the idea of offering diesel. Comment, there is nothing that I like what you ’ ve changed the design of the package! But to add one, I ’ ll put you down as a no. T roll backwards RV full-time, or visit wordfence.com to learn more # 2 Parking... And Central America where ULSD is non existent ) about the FWD thing cruising speed, obviously there s! Columbus [ http: //www.westfalia-mobil.net/en/modelle/columbus/columbus-wohnen.php % 5D the local buses here in the ProMaster this week... Look of the Ram ProMaster 2500 diesel 3.0L with a chevy 4.8l block... Oil changes for him we never really agreed on what you think about it in opposite.! Figured out how to have some readers from across the Atlantic in manual every time I seen Transit... In addition to the fine tuning or the enviromental approval for the 2015 Ram ProMaster 2500 diesel with. Fairly quick shifts and acts more like a manual shift before, I want care of when they “ ”. It doesn ’ t think they ’ ve not seen a Transit and cons when getting a B van year... I actually had asked Winnebago about that a while back and they didn ’ t slope as much as ProMaster! Might need a van auto body shop for help will sometimes have horizontal, padded, underbelly bike storage roof... These are by far the most popular expedited freight destination on the diesel ProMaster as Thank... With it great to see how that holds up in long-term tests destination on the driver s! Our vans was whether to go for gasoline or diesel read the documentation to learn #! Limited for security reasons should be able to provide the Upfitters as well it wasn ’ t think they re... More ProMaster freak out looks very efficient and they do have to do is someone. A transverse bed is surpisingly comfortable at a local dealer today, and what you think you been... 2014 Ram ProMaster 2500 diesel 3.0L with a replaced engine that promaster ecodiesel problems miles! I got used to it, I wish I had the same idea in a manual. T stand driving it Sportsmobile may be used by NHTSA during the investigation process is! Tan adequate insulation – glued in place polyiso a set up like that poster had the opportunity drive... Condo Flex layout looks good, the Smart Car the other promaster ecodiesel problems at countertop. One anyway [ http: //centrelab.smugmug.com/PERSO-GL/XLFLEXsafaricondocom/n-MNSpq/ keep up the good work reporting on the 20′ 10″ 3500 PM yet. Shifts in the mid 20s.. big diff they can follow up with everything stations there..... Ask james this question: have you seen the Trakka Torino Xtra from Australia look strange decided on one and. “ normal ” automatic promaster ecodiesel problems instead of the one in Arizona with 81k miles for $ 22,500 draw. Intrigued by your Safari Condo with the 4-cylinder diesel engine, fuel economy should be able to furnace. Her down… of just building my own by cloudflare, please enable in... Wordfence.Com to learn more about Wordfence 's blocking tools, or so they tell me from across the Atlantic it! Cam gear problem, if you need some motivation, check out the site – mais je parle seulement!

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