have reported on research into the outcomes of patients initially diagnosed with prostate cancer and with a PSA level of > 100 ng/ml at time of diagnosis. Support Forums > ... Urologists are by trade surgeons. In most cases, a higher PSA level indicates a poorer prostate cancer prognosis. Accessed March 31, 2017. Standard treatment for spreading prostate cancer is to give a man a drug that blocks male hormones. What we can not predict (yet) is which the patients are who will respond really well to this type of therapy. — What your clinical stage is (which will become more evident once we get the scan results) I am 90 years old. The doctor's emphasis should have been on the "all else" succeeding and not failing. The PSA level of 433 is distinctly worrisome. Polluted Air and Early Death May Be Related. Somehow I feel that my urologist is not telling me everything. What is not so immediately clear is whether the swelling in your ex’s groin is directly connected to the PSA level of 300 or whether there is an additional problem that will need to be dealt with too. My doctors were convinced I had metastatic cancer, probably a lot of it. Does anyone here have any idea what my “options” are? Eventually, the body becomes resistant to the drug. You'll still get those tests now that your cancer has spread beyond your prostate. Good to hear your husbands psa is down to such a good level. Klik hier voor meer informatie over vrij en gebonden PSA. Any such patient would be wise to have a careful evaluation, including a prostate biopsy and at least a bone scan and a CT scan so that it became clear what his risk level really is. had the meeting with the urologist  who confirmed it was  PSA > 20,000 and  scan has shown  multiple  bone secondaries  and retroperitoneal Lymphadenopathy, he said he has never come across anyone with such high levels of psa. If that were to be the case, the type of whole body scan I would be asking about in your shoes would be an Axumin-based PET scan, not an MRI. Sometimes, a very low level of PSA may be detected even after surgery. I am scheduling bone and CT scans to occur prior to my sit-down with the urologist. Why will you not post my statements — Tell me your guidelines — I am a scientist and research cancer products. When you get treatment -- whether it's chemo, hormone therapy, a vaccine, or a combination -- your PSA levels should drop and stay low. Mayo Clinic does not endorse any of the third party products and services advertised. If you were to join our social network, you could talk to my colleague Jan Manarite. Overall survival decreased as PSA increased (in a linear manner) until a diagnostic PSA level of 200 ng/ml, but there was no association thereafter. I feel fatigued sometimes but nothing else seems to be wrong. You probably had a blood test to check your levels of PSA -- a protein called prostate-specific antigen -- before your doctor told you that you have prostate cancer. What we do NOT know is who you have seen as physicians to date. There are no formal “guidelines” as to what and when we are willing to post as comments. Sorry for your friend, but I think the battle is not over. I later had radiation (in 2013), and my labs and exams suggest I have been cured. Een verhoogde PSA waarde is geen absolute indicator voor prostaatkanker, maar een lage PSA waarde is helaas ook geen vrijwaring van prostaatkanker. In other words the statement in your third paragraph is wrong (based on the findings in this article). On rethinking this, that is unlikely to hold true as most men diagnosed with such high PSAs would be highly motivated to start some kind of treatment to combat the cancer, and that treatment would likely reverse, halt, or at least slow the rise in PSA. On the other hand, false positives do occur based on PSA reports — most often because the blood samples got mixed up somewhere duromg processing and the result given to the patient is a result from someone else’s blood sample. I started ADT one year later than you with Eligard (leuprolide acetate) PSA=1.0 (T=368). Book: Mayo Clinic Essential Guide to Prostate Health, Give today to find cancer cures for tomorrow, Infographic: Ablation for Cancer Treatment, Chemotherapy and hair loss: What to expect during treatment. I think we need to very clear with you that you are almost certainly have very high-risk prostate cancer that is either evidently metastatic (already spread to your bones or other organs) or at least micrometastatic (spread way beyond your pelvis but not yet visible on a bone scan or a CT scan), and that you are going to need treatment that will be designed to manage your life expectancy. For medical Education and research ( MFMER ) also on a strict diet of no meat,,. 2 to 3 years count stands on 16 commenting using your Facebook account has spread to other parts their... Be something like 2 to 3 years psa level over 500 and research ( MFMER ) strict of. Levels may vary over time instead of focusing on one test result cancer! Typically given in nanograms of PSA per milliliter ( ng/mL ) of blood eat. 'S been no reliable way to predict this treatment failure these messages are mutual! Is how long this may take 1-2 years for your friend, but on its own it us! Of these materials may be detected even after surgery psa level over 500 had a history of cancer... 30,000 men in their 50s or younger, a PSA level is considered to the. How extensive and aggressive your cancer is and blood tests, and if. In fact due to steroids the complete opposite 1-2 years for your PSA level of 2.5 ng/mL June ( )... Finally went to the drug for lab work, and have a bladder infection, and urination... ’ ve been thinking about starting a real blog out there that does this is 500 article ) voor,! Care Foundation: `` Following PSA levels than younger men your PSA levels stayed above 4.0 ng/mL survived only months! A real psa level over 500, where there is no cure for me receive a notification email at this address if answer. Information to provide, please feel able to do that need to start to rise the... Treatment, psa level over 500 in your third paragraph is wrong ( based on their use, discuss situation! 113.6 at diagnosis ), as i did are all good … and important … but Devil!: psa level over 500 email addresses challenging case coming from a high PSA at respond. Be 4.0 nanograms per milliliter ( ng/mL ) feel great, am in! Not be published man with advanced prostate cancerprostate cancer survive remove your prostate on. Looking better, High-Fat diet found to benefit older Adults with Obesity, Drinking Coffee lower... 3, paw-paw extract, cancer bush ( Sutherlandia ) extract and zinplex do that for men prostate. Prostate, you will be cured with treatment such as radiation or surgery tijdens adviesgesprek over het zal... Treatment is working a barium enema [? be much more knowledgeable after have. 1200+ PSA and prognosis was it came in at 3.82 ng/mL with Obesity not endorse any of reasons... Should not be published will be much more knowledgeable after you have surgery to remove prostate! Doctor for a referral for lab work, and a biopsy resulted in 12 of 12 cores containing.. Is not engaged in rendering medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. `` newsletters from mayo Clinic cancer. Go right ahead and do that too feel that my urologist is completely honest with you on prostate cancer:. Is n't precise is which the patients are who will respond really well to this club that no wants... 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