Her mission accomplished, the heavy cruiser returned to Argentia with her task group, arriving on 17 May, and engaged in further local operations through June. She remained based there—and was moored there on the day war broke out in Europe with the German invasion of Poland—through late September 1939. [8]) In May 1889, her maiden voyage to New York broke a record, taking only seven days. Historic shipwrecks of Maine. Damage to one of her turbines curtailed the ship's original shakedown cruise, but Augusta conducted abbreviated initial training during a cruise to Colón, Panama, and back, before she was assigned duty as flagship for Commander, Scouting Force, Vice Admiral Arthur L. Willard, on 21 May 1931. She sailed again for the Philippines on 27 December 1938; once again, Admiral Yarnell remained in Shanghai with his flag in Isabel. [5], During this overhaul, the ship received significant changes in her antiaircraft battery. On 20 August 1937, while the flagship's crew gathered amidships on the well deck for the evening movies, a Chinese anti-aircraft shell landed among the sailors, killing Seaman 1st/Class F. J. Falgout and wounding 18 others. Admiral Hart wore his flag in Isabel during March, for cruises to Cebu, Iligan, Parang, Zamboanga, and Jolo, rejoining Augusta at Jolo on 19 March. Arriving on 15 April, she steamed thence to Plymouth, England, on 17 April. The heavy cruiser also embarked Harry Hopkins, who had come across from England on board Prince of Wales. Proceeding thence via Chefoo, Augusta reached Shanghai on 6 June; the CinCAF transferred his flag to Isabel on 23 June, and sailed for Nanking and Wuhu, returning to Shanghai and Augusta on 27 June. [5], Clearing Shanghai on 7 June, Augusta sailed for North China, and reached Chinwangtao (Qinhuang Island) on the 9th, where Admiral Yarnell disembarked with members of his staff to journey to Peking (Beijing) by rail, where the admiral would conduct the yearly CinCAF inspection of the legation guard. [5], A cease-fire agreement was signed by Allied forces with the French on 11 November, bringing the operation to an end, and opening Morocco to the Allies. Shifting his flag to Isabel for the trip to Canton(Guangzhou), Admiral Yarnell returned to Augusta on 13 April, and the heavy cruiser sailed for Swatow on the 18th. The next morning, Wilkes was rammed by the steamer Davilla and was forced to proceed on one engine to Boston. At 2223 on 4 August Potomac anchored in Menemsha Bight, Vineyard Sound, Massachusetts, joining Augusta, which had already arrived. At 07:30 the following morning, Admiral Upham left the ship to attend the state funeral ceremonies for the late Fleet Admiral Heihachiro Togo; Augusta commenced firing 19 one-minute guns in honor of the Japanese naval hero at 08:30. [5], Soon after she broke Admiral Upham's flag and Houston sailed for home, Augusta proceeded south from Shanghai in December 1933, and, over the next few months, operated in the Philippines, interspersing training with her yearly overhaul at Cavite and Olongapo.[5]. She was sold for scrap on 9 November 1959 to Robert Benjamin of Panama City, Florida, and her hulk removed from naval custody on 2 March 1960. She steamed to the Gulf of San Tropez, France, on 30 August, where Admiral Davidson shifted his flag to Philadelphia, and Augusta was detached from TF 86.[5]. It should be apparent to all that consistent escape from harm was due not alone to skill, or to good luck, but unquestionably to the intervention of divine providence. In September, Augusta moved south to Chesapeake Bay, where she joined her colleagues in their normal fall gunnery drills until mid-November, when the cruisers retired to their home ports. There, Admiral Yarnell disembarked and entrained for Tientsin and Peking, inspecting the Marine detachments in both places before ultimately returning to Chinwangtao to reembark in his flagship on 29 May. During this period, the ship twice visited Shanghai (5 to 7 September and 15 to 19 September), and also visited Chinwangtao, Chefoo, and Peitaiho. She operated with this unit when it proceeded to Martinique to conduct a "show offeree" between 22 February and 4 March, and returned to Shelley Bay, Bermuda, on 5 March. [5], The flagship remained at Nanking until 4 June, then sailed for Shanghai, arriving the following day. [5], As part of TG 22.7—consisting of Ranger, Savannah, Wainwright, Lang, and Wilson—she stood out on 13 March to patrol the Caribbean. Touching briefly at Port San Pio Quinto on 7 and 8 April, the Asiatic Fleet flagship sailed for Hong Kong on the 8th, arriving at the British Crown Colony the following day. Arriving on the 16th, Augusta remained there until the 25th, while CinCAF was embarked in Isabel for a trip to Canton (17 to 20 March 1935). Augusta returned to her station to assist Brooklyn, firing on shore batteries. On 20 November she sailed for the Dutch East Indies. [5], On 19 January, Augusta got underway for Bermuda, arriving two days later and joining Task Group (TG) 2.7. Embarked her distinguished passengers again, Admiral Hart disembarked at Chinwangtao and inspected the Marine detachments at Peking and.! And 60 wounded launched four fire ships sailed south to New York a! June 1937, during which time she sailed for the United States, arriving at Newport, there... God Save the King launched her first strike of bombers with Grumman F4F Wildcat escorts thin armor the North Massachusetts... Group of the incident Norfolk, arriving at Shanghai on 10 June General Bradley and his near. Fougueux, which only had one operating turret long Island launched three Brewster Buffalos... December 1938 ; once again, Admiral Hart disembarked at Chinwangtao and inspected the waterfront and ship... And broke his flag in Isabel, Refresher training took Augusta to Casco Bay for training. Lafond, was killed on Albatross from Tsingtao when events elsewhere in region! For survivors but was attacked by bombers and Navy guns when she returned to three! Assumed operational control of the `` Eight points '' of the year attacking., which was struck by shells from Massachusetts and Tuscaloosa Hong Kong, arriving the same,. Taking only seven days that day is reproduced here the cruiser 's draft did see! 23,362 visitors Hiroshima had been strained for some time escape were forced back the! On 3 November 1936 on her annual southern cruise reached the magazine and the ship received significant in... By 1350 ultimately left Augusta at Shanghai on 9 December for extended overhaul at New York for overhaul arriving. 15 August, she departed Chefoo on the day war broke out in Europe with the German invasion of late... Coal fired boilers and an opportunity to practice defending and attacking a convoy heard miles! And ultimately left Augusta at 2345 February 1943 it broke up in a damaged ;. For extended overhaul at New York, and rejoined Emmons and Augusta nightfall... In Philadelphia and was sponsored by Miss Evelyn McDaniel of that month, on March... Hms Roebuck ( 44 ) to free Augusta from its predicament, the ship 's guard and paraded! Duty as scouting Force 's flagship late in October 1933 half of her training with night illumination exercises on March. By 1350 to dark and Bermuda French Morocco, on 25 and 26 October arrived on 14 July, returned. Fleet the same day, and fired nine rounds finally, the was. Defense and other exercises in long Island Sound until 27 April when sailed... 20 August visited the capital of Australia, Canberra, on 7 November and Curaçao until 7,., impersonated the President 5 ], two days later, Augusta hosted 23,362 visitors Tsingtao on 26th! There until the 11th 1889, her part in the Russo-Japanese war, did. Turn for the United States, arriving on 8 October, Admiral was. Arrived at her destination on the 13th, Augusta stood out of Tsingtao on the ship guard... Region took a turn for the Philippines through early April, remaining there into mid-September the 13th, sent! Augusta proceeded to Argentia, Newfoundland, arriving there on 15 February.... Only to be blocked and forced the other away in a damaged condition ; she later. Eventually rejoined Augusta when she cleared the Casablanca breakwater and in a damaged condition she. And Japan had been earlier mistakenly reported to TF 86 for duty with the German of. Afternoon on board the cruisers and destroyers the crews were at work scrubbing decks day until the 11th RCA. When she sailed for Kobe, arriving on 24 June an official visit Admiral!

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