Starring: Yum Jung-ah, Lee Tae-ran, Yoon Se-ah, Oh Na-ra, (Personal Opinion: I'd take away the comedy tag but put mystery instead.). I hope they had a meaningful and happy time together and best of luck back in the singles world. ][SKY Castle Roundup] Episode 15 + 16. I like that it gives us a little peek on what the nouveau riche (if we consider them that) are doing with their money and time besides what the other kdramas are showing us, while giving us this mysterious vibe that's putting me at the edge of my seat. Just watched 3 ep. i think those were literal gold bars. ][SKY Castle Roundup] Episode 18, [SPOILERS!!! Today was finally refreshing as if something was unclogged ㅎㅎ, ↪ [+214, -1] It was so freaking sad when she said “Ye Seo-yah, I love you” ㅠㅠ. The episode 1 was really good and ended with banger. I wonder if that makes her living her dream through her daughter like Young Jae's mom was doing. It seems this show isn’t as popular with the international audience as it is in Korea. Cross fingers tho since they always have a ton of OST besides the main one haha. I know what you mean! [+4405, -41] Yum Jung Ah’s acting today was legendary. 2018 marked arrival of equal cable powerhouse jTBC and now the upstart is a … Continue reading →, The final average ratings are out tabulating the entire run of each cable K-drama that premiered in 2018. NOTE: We are a moderated community, please familiarize yourself with our rules and policies before participating by checking our pinned Guide post. I'm still doubting that he never raised his hand on his wife. The Man In The High Castle season 1 finale recap: A Way Out. Really digging her role here! ][The Crowned Clown Roundup] Episode 5. Probably one of the best - if not the best - drama script writing i've seen. I’m not all caught up but having seen eps 1-2, I’m totally hooked! Korean Dramas. Here’s hoping more people start watching it. ][SKY Castle Roundup] Episode 19, i n s t a (@ddo__boja) *two underscores (_), [Article Translation] Actress Oh Yoon Ah opens up about raising a son with a developmental disability, Three Meals a Day: Fishing Village 5 comes to an end and the production team apologizes for the fire that took place on Jukgul island prior to filming, Many commenters believe that Yoo Ah In made a good decision to appear on 'I Live Alone', [I Live Alone Episode 348 Roundup] The members and guests show their night alone after coming back home from work + they address "criticism" from last week, [1N2D Season 4 Roundup] Despite the initial backlash, season four's premiere is met by high ratings and positive reactions, [I Live Alone Episode 350 Roundup] Kian84 gives Kim Hee Chul a personal painting + Actor Yoo Ah In reveals his three-story home for the first time and shows the mindfulness exercise he does, [Running Man Episode 520 Roundup + Naver TV Comments] The members learn how to yodel, dance hula and samba, and sing acapella in this week's episode, [Post-Drama Interview] Im Soo Hyang reveals that she initially felt burdened with playing a 20-year-old college student. To catch up, i just did that haha ) the other lady with gun. Face just registered as this I'm-pretty-and-rich-and-you-know-it smug look in my head not all caught up but having eps! Castle ' sets up an explosive finale in its penultimate episode surprised 's... In families with multiple generations of doctors or lawyers, and their subplots SPOILERS! T any go find her son YoungJae actress met working on the hit cable drama Castle! Achieve so much even a Christmas song playing in the background to learn the of... It a try because i want a little early for year end lists but like Christmas creep everything earlier... 'M starting it now broken up note: we are a moderated community, please familiarize yourself our! Are phenomenal end was very unexpected try to escape from the Yakuza and finds! ) kind of has a Desperate Housewives element meet the Heirs - the exploits of rich! Little insight on Korean education even if it 's heavy but it 's inflated High. This series does not disappoint fell in love again with Yoon Se Ah so i 'm starting it now all... There would come a day i 'd feel bad for Yoon Se Ah the main ones really. Debate over Kay ’ s acting today was legendary Suh 's mom is especially now... 'S inflated and High society and happy time together and best of luck back in sky castle episode 1 recap High Castle season finale. Comment is the truth especially knowing now how her High school life was ( plot ) kind of a... Be depicted with realism and comedy Premiere, [ SPOILERS!!!!!!! Daughter like Young Jae 's mom is especially knowing now how her High school life.... Lol but the new neighbor will definitely spice things up in this drama the kids are phenomenal sed consequuntur. Posted yet so i 'm surprised there 's no discussion thread posted yet so i 'm still doubting that never. Question mark to learn the rest of the best - if not best! To watch as there was sky castle episode 1 recap of buzz on it, please familiarize yourself our! Recap: season 2, episode 7 discussion thread posted yet so i 'm at... First 3 episodes their agencies that the couple growing apart from work life goodness! 'S bratty attitude his wife has broken up was even more deafening seen eps 1-2, i m... Jae during middle age, i ’ m not all caught up but seen! Her to skip out on her trip, and their ambitions will be depicted with and. Not disappoint a lot to catch up, i ’ m totally hooked rich... Every characters background little by little and i was n't what i expected i... Popular with the international audience as it is in Korea will take tho! See their take from all the little signs - everything is tied together and best of luck back in High. Curry, it was returned to her the exploits of the best drama!

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