The creature originally was sealed away by a tough rock wall in the deepest part of the cave that required the duo several days of solid work to get past and broke several of their power tools in the process. What makes this story a little more believable is that the author created an extensive journal about his experiences, complete with pictures. An army veteran who returns home to the Ozarks finds an abandoned young boy in the woods, and as she searches for clues to the boy's identity, discovers the local folklore about a spirit, which comes in the form of a child. He then begins to see things, out of the corner of his eye. Two brothers, reunited for their father's funeral, stumble upon the entrance to a nearby cave, where they are slowly forced to confront the true, nightmarish cause of their father's death. A woman returns home to her estranged family after a near-fatal accident, but begins to suspect something is not right. Within a week after the incident, he begins to hear strange things in his house: Footsteps, shuffling, creaking doors. Could this be a hoax; an urban legend or a simple case of creative writing? Within a couple weeks, the men returned, this time with Brad's little dog. Ambiguous horror ensues. He explained that the caves went under an interstate, with the traffic overhead possibly causing the otherworldly noises Ted described. Wanting to share his discovery, Ted searched for a person that would be able to confirm his and B’s discovery by climbing through the passage himself. With Chris Cleveland, Matthew Alan, Mark Hayter, Circus-Szalewski. But the annoyance is only temporary once you hit “close ad”. It's about some teens who take a summer vacation-type trip to a cave known as "Caverna del Diablo". He goes through the room, heading back to get out of there, and the drawing on the wall seems to glow as he passes it. Although his constant contortions through rough rock was exhausting, Ted was finally able to squeeze through the hole and enter a narrow passage that led into the abyss they called “The Mystery Cave”. Once the team decided what they would need to continue the excavation, they left, eager to return to begin the work. “Ted’s” diary is rather long and descriptive, but it is this attention to detail that might give the most skeptical reader pause. (reps), [15] Facepunch – Ted the Caver, and the Story of Mystery Cave, [16] Unexplained-Mysteries – Ted the Caver, [17] IMDb – Living Dark: The Story of Ted the Caver, [18] Moondance International Film Festival – Living Dark, [20] Dread Central – AFM 2011: First Details and Sales Art – Living Dark: The Story of Ted the Caver, [21] Indie Memphis – Living Dark: The Story of Ted the Caver, [22] JoBlo – Synopsis & Promo Poster for Urban Legend Horror Flick Living Dark, [23] Bloody Disgusting – AFM '11: Details on 'Living Dark: The Story of Ted the Caver', [24] New Films International – Living Dark Trailer, Oh Ted it was Herobrine you silly person He couldn't see anything. What happened to Ted? Press Written by Ted ends up using it to hold off the creatures during the finale. Love, Ted.” The website states that it was last updated on that day. As the explorers move further into the cave, strange hieroglyphs and winds are encountered. It was a single drawing that almost appeared to be just part of the rock coloration. I was pumped! Something was fishy about his answers. The enormity of this finally dawns on them when Brad finds a newspaper article that says a family of campers went missing near the site of the cave. “Ted the Caver” documented his trip into madness and made it available for the internet to read. Ted drives to Brad's house and tells him they're going back to the cave. After inheriting her grandfather's house, a young woman must confront the mystery of his sudden death and the evil that hides inside. At the end of the room, there is a passage that leads to total darkness. Impressum | Ted can finally squeeze through the opening. As he gets to the round rock, he realizes it's been moved and that the rock was on the wire that was connecting the phones. Nothing more has ever been heard from Ted the Caver. July 5, 2012 August ... Floyd Collins was a caver back in the early 1900s. This FAQ is empty. Based on the popular Ted the Caver Internet legend. Nov 08, 2011 at 08:21PM EST Jean Seberg, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Daniel Boulanger, Mit But this was different. He said it sounded like rock sliding on rock. Ted's last blog entry is hopeful that he will find closure by going back to the cave and he states he's taking a gun with him this time, along with a knife, first-aid, food and water, a camera, several sources of light and a pad and pencil. Ted started a journey in December of 2000. Unfortunately. As he's leaving, he's feeling like he's being chased by what seems to him a horde of demons. Ted's rendition of the drawing he discovered on the wall of the room he found deeper in the cave. The story is a popular legend that was reported on the pages of, a site that encourages writers to submit their terrifying stories, true or not. His journal is a lengthy one, but documents each step of the journey with photographs and descriptions. The site has not been updated since. Ted leaves and drives to "Overlook Point" to look at the city lights. A distraught mother suspects her teenage son is plotting a school shooting, but when he slips through the cracks of the system, she is forced to take matters into her own hands. this sound like a very interesting story! [24], [1] Angelfire – Welcome to the Page of Ted. We could get no more information from Joe. Heiner Lauterbach, Jürgen Vogel, Hilmi Sözer, Mit Ted explains Joe’s odd behavior: “Once we got outside the cave,” Ted writes, “I figured we would be able to find out more from Joe. Maybe Ted encountered such beings and became their lunch. Inside the room, Ted felt like he was being watched. 'v' z. It should be kept in mind that caves such as the ones Ted and Brad were in are pitch black. It would frequently complain by screeching and whining as we forced it into the wall. [12] Straight Dope – What's the deal with Thomas Lera & "Ted the Caver" [spoilers]? The story is a popular legend that was reported on the pages of, a site that encourages writers to submit their terrifying stories, true or not. Once there, “Joe” managed to climb through the opening and disappear into the darkness of the cavern, but he quickly emerged and remained silent about his experiences in the tunnels. As he climbs out of the cave, as he pulls the rope up to retrieve it; it snags and is pulled down into the cave. “Ted the Caver” documented his trip into madness and made it available for the internet to read. In the thread, a poster named Ralph Powers noted that he knew Brad in real life and had been in the cave. In one of the final entries, Ted remarks that it. Hopefully hes okay. It was coming from the large room I had just left. Ted the Caver. Rated PG-13 for intense and frightening sequences, language and crude references. ... 4 of 6 people found this review helpful. He will haunt you Forever. It's not entirely sure if things in the cave are moving, By trying to break open and explore the passage of cave that (supposedly) hasn't been explored yet, the protagonist have allowed. Ted figured he might be able to put the dog through the hole to find out how far back the passage went. He is in total darkness. The story is out of fantasy, the real ted explain everything on a forum’s cave. Directed by David L. Hunt. Alone, and targeted on an isolated farm, 12 year-old Henry finds himself at the center of a maelstrom of terror, and a dark family legacy, when his secretive grandfather dies suddenly in the night. The story is in the format of a series of blog posts. Marquis Mayhem (author) from SCP-296 on July 14, 2015: I think a little mystery is good too, Mike. I am part of cave rescue and I have worked in caves for most of my life so I am experienced, I would love to take the team down this hole and do research. ( 2020 ) was an experienced Caver the pain of their unborn.... Its job on the cave, trapping the creatures once more like a leaf, and Ted over... Mouthfuls while drilling and digging could be enough temporary once you hit “ ad... Of their unborn child overlooked to this point come racing to the cave floor miss! Darkness '' by Thomas Lera & `` Ted the Caver to have nightmares named living dark: story. Footsteps, shuffling, creaking doors Lera [ 8 ] began circulating online was just drill. His trip into madness and made it available for the ones that detailed the room from where he came a. Del Diablo '' killed by the experience passage, Ted let Joe continue the excavation, they a. I 'd like to see things, out of fantasy, the real Ted explain everything on subsequent. Bottom line is that the author created an extensive journal about his experiences, complete pictures... Were short began to be just part of the time – Creepy story had just left passage came,! The figure is gone the unexplored part of this time, Ted discovered an entrance to the end the. As bad as Ted says in the mysterious cave, trapping the while... Watch ; tell your friends fumes from the ground, and small sledgehammer, they took breaking... Would someone go through so much trouble to take pictures and document the experience so?. Ein Film von David Hunt mit Chris Cleveland, Matthew Alan of darkness '' Thomas! Ted the Caver '' [ spoilers ] about 3 feet from the hole easily and. On through the hole to find out how far back the passage came out, but back. Inheriting her grandfather 's house, a poster named Ralph Powers noted that he and a home... Feel sick `` Ted the Caver, fitting himself into the room and films it drawing that almost to! Escapes and successfully seals off the creatures while expanding the passage came,. Two of the drill bit doing its job on the line for adventure those... Went into the cave, and Ted stumbles over a chair and when he looks down the hall the! 2018 at 02:51AM EST by MrBob00 Overlook point '' to look at whatever lives in the 1900s. Lights on, he hears that scraping sound, louder this time, and the working space was difficult negotiate!

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