Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Legal and contractual frameworks for supply chain management and distribution networks are often underestimated. In most instances, problems arise from badly drafted contracts, which could have been easily avoided by getting legal input. What also adds to the complexity is different scattered laws and regulation applicable in this area which might limit the enforceability of certain common contractual terms.

Providing such legal services is our team’s main target. Avoiding disputes and litigations between supply chain activists and their clients by drafting and negotiating unambiguous and plain contracts.

Our Supply Chain services

We are able to provide several legal services concerning critical supply chain issues:

  • Best practices for supplier selection, qualification and management;
  • Acquisition of raw materials;
  • Supplier documentation (contracts, letters of guarantee, certificates of analysis, etc.);
  • Supplier verification, quality reviews and audits;
  • Manufacturing, distribution and reseller arrangements with appropriate protections, incentives and punishments;
  • Importation/exportation controls and country of origin labeling;
  • Registration of trademarks with local importation customs authorities;
  • Exclusive arrangements, including requirements contracts, output contracts and others in which one or both parties are replica watches restricted from doing business with third parties, either completely or under specified circumstances.

Best practices for supplier selection, qualification and management

Importation/exportation controls and country of origin labeling

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